12-3-21 Friday

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I’m amazed they got along as well as they did. Aren’t you afraid of infecting the younger ones with whatever the older ones may have been exposed to at Petsmart?

Not really – everyone in the cat room at Petsmart is healthy and up to date on their vaccinations.


You seem to have kitties purring in your lap pretty frequently with this litter! Is this turning out to be an extra lapkitteny bunch, or is it just me?

This bunch is definitely an especially snuggly litter! (They must get it from their mama, who just spends all her time purring and waiting for petting. What a SWEETHEART she is!)


I bet Alfie and Christopher are just beside themselves being back “home” with so much run around space! So happy they are there. Maybe an application will come in and they won’t have to go back.

That’s what I am very much hoping for, that they’ll get adopted from here! And Alfie and Christopher are definitely having a blast, whether it’s racing from one side of the house to the other, racing up the cat tree, or piling up in the nearest bed or basket to snooze.


I love them all lined up like that, so well behaved and nicely dressed. Nikki looks so much tinier than her brothers and sisters, was she the runt? (Carli “Suspish” Calcium, hee hee…)

Nikki is definitely the smallest of her litter – she always was, and still is, though she’s only a couple of ounces smaller than Ruthy at this point. I think all 3 girls are going to be small adults (but then… looking at our own Alice… I’m apparently not very good at predicting that sort of thing, so I might be wrong!)



So, just because I was curious, I went to Zazzle and tried switching one of the default 12-month calendars to a 15-month to see what would happen. And the answer about which pics they’ll use for the extra months is “none;” the preview of the pages for the extra 3 months was blank. So apparently it’s a case of, if the seller (ie, Robyn) hasn’t specifically designed a longer-than-12-months calendar and uploaded enough pics for all the pages, Zazzle just leaves any extras blank and each buyer would have to supply their own images for the additional months. Which you could certainly do, if you had pics of your own pets or something you wanted to use; their custom design tool isn’t terribly difficult to figure out, just click the blue “edit design” button under the seller’s name on the page for a specific product, upload your stuff and go to town. Just be aware you’d need to use pretty large images (on the order of 3000 x 1700 pixels or bigger, especially for the largest size calendars) to make sure everything came out crisp and not blurry.

(Thanks, waterdragon!)


Ozzy, lapkitten.

Christopher Chutney (left) and Alfie Alfredo, mid-tussle.

Christopher Chutney is all “ABNER!”

News flash: kittens like boxes.

Sammy’s all “What? Is comfy!”

Good morning, sunshine.

Barry and those ridiculous Precious Moments eyes.

Places to GO.

If you look very closely, you can see Ruthy’s shaved belly and her spay scar.

Mid-Churu. Alfie (far left) is cracking me up with his “I have reached my limit for your shenanigans, lady.” face.

Alfie decided Barry needed some cleaning up.


Uncle Charlie’s all “They’re not kidding. I AM pretty darn good-looking!”


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Here comes Carli!

Nikki’s all “Come on, Alfie, you know you can get those feather teasers down for us if you really WANT to!” (But Alfie decided not to make the leap.)

YouTube link
The snoopervisory committee, hard at work!

Alfie Alfredo is lookin’ down the internet to remind y’all that Love & Hisses 2022 calendars are still available – 7 different calendars, right on over here at Zazzle.

YouTube link
Carli’s biscuits – get ’em while they’re fresh!

I took this picture of Nikki Tuesday afternoon, after I got them home from their spays and neuters, and she was clearly seeing into another dimension.

Good night innernets. (Barry, Sammy and Nikki)


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