12-17-21 Friday

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FYI, several people suggested “Bradford Pear” as a potential kitten name, and while I think the name Bradford is adorable, I will never ever ever name a kitten after that awful, nasty, odious tree. We had 4 (YES, 4) Bradford Pears in the back yard when we moved in, and we had them removed because they were starting to split and fall apart, and we could just imagine a strong storm coming through, knocking them down (they’re very flimsy trees that fall apart if you look at them sideways) and taking out the fence. There are a LOT of Bradford Pears around here and they are certainly a pretty, well-shaped tree (until they get to a certain size, whereupon they start falling apart), but they smell awful in the spring and I haaate them.


Holy moly – Ivy’s eyes are stunning. Is it just the photo or are they that color IRL?

Here’s a closeup!

I’ve been referring to them as “seafoam,” someone suggested “turquoise,” but they don’t really have that much blue in them. Whatever you call ’em, they’re certainly pretty! I’ve had a run of mamas with gorgeous eyes, haven’t I?


Me, appreciatively if no little bit amusedly, watching that Ivy video: “Oh that’s a purr.” Pause. “Oh *that’s* a purr!” I will giggle like a doofus if she turns out not to be percolating (purr-colating) kittens at all, but is in fact just a super lovebug kitty. XD Not that it’s even likely she’s pulling a Maura on you, but I can’t resist entertaining the possibility.

At this point I’m pretty confident that she is pregnant – her belly has gotten really round in the past week – but I’ll admit I wouldn’t be 100% shocked if she turned out to be a faker (but I don’t think she is!)


Have you measured her girth so we can marvel at how big she gets during her stay?

I finally got around to measuring it last night. Right now it’s 16 inches at the largest part. I wish very much that I had measured it when we got her a week ago, but alas I did not.


Jake looks like he’s watching a scary movie and freaking out, and Khal is rolling his eyes, like he wants to say “it’s just a movie!”


It has to be the angle right, that Jake looks small next to the amazing Khal? I know Khal is fluffy, but Jake looks like a teenager next to an adult.

Jake was freaking out because I was getting too close and he has a guilty conscience and flees from me if I’m standing (if I sit down, he’ll come right on over to me.)

And Jake is pretty small compared to Khal – he weighs about 4 pounds less than Khal, plus there is ALL THAT FLOOF, which makes Khal look even bigger than he is.


Did you have Khal as a kitten? Curious as to what looked like as a wee prince.

We did not have Khal as a kitten. When he showed up the first time, in November of 2015, he was already an adult.

At that point, he was extremely skittish, and if he caught sight of either of us, he’d disappear. He showed up for a little while, and then we didn’t see him again and we assumed that he’d either moved on or had been gotten by a predator.

But then exactly a year later, he showed up again.

HOWEVER, about 4 months before he showed up again (and stuck around this time), a floofy black kitten showed up in our yard. I was out of town at the time, and Fred had a really hard time trapping the kitten, but finally he did.

And she bore a strong resemblance to Khal. We are fairly certain that she is his daughter, the resemblance is striking.

She became Privet, one of our Evergreens litter.

I bet she still looks very much like her Daddy!


Ivy’s huntin’ giraffes.

OH that sweet little face!

She’s a fan of the mylar balls.

Huntin’ mousies, too.


Alice Mo takes a snooze on my bed.

YouTube link


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Throw Back Thursday: from a little more than a year ago. I adore this picture of the kitten who was then Fritter (and is now Peanut – and you can see him on Facebook with his sister Pretzel, here.)

Throw Back Thursday: I wrote this in 2009 (!), but I think it still applies today. (Read the whole thing – with more pictures – here.)

Throw Back Thursday: from about a year ago, the kitten then known as Onion Ring (he’s now Freddie Purrcury !) in his holiday finery.

Throw Back Thursday: from exactly 10 years ago, when we lived in the house we called Crooked Acres, we had ducks. The ducks (at that time) did not have a pond (why would you get ducks when you don’t have a pond? Don’t ask me, my friends. It wasn’t my decision. I didn’t think we needed ducks. We got a pond eventually though!), so they would paddle around in a child-size pool. We were out watching them in the pool when one of the boy ducks got a sudden burst of energy and bounced up out of the water, and I am still very very pleased that I happened to catch this picture. It remains one of my favorite pictures ever.

YouTube link
Enticing Ivy to play. I guess I either have to toss the right toy, or she has to be in the right mood!

A year ago, Aldi had wine bottle sweaters. I didn’t have any wine bottles, but I bought the sweater anyway, and go figure – this awesome picture of Buffalo Bill was the result. (I still have the sweater, but no small kittens. I don’t think Ivy would appreciate me trying to cram this sweater over her head.)

Good night innernets. (Ivy)


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