3-30-21 Tuesday

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Slapjack’s all “I can has a snuggle?”

Slapjack, Uno and Whist.

Pinochle’s all “But I LOVE you, Mama!”

Their faces are killing me.

Please note Pinochle’s little back foot stuck out to the side.

That’s a pile o’ cute right there.

Uno shows off her toofies.

And Uno shows off her big blue eyes.

Climbing! It is stunning how, in just a matter of days, they go from wobbling around the crate to climbing things and stumble-running across the room.

In honor of Toesday, please admire Rummy’s toeses.


Charlie waits for the window to magically open so he can come inside. (Why would he go through the cat door? TOO MUCH WORK.)


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