3-30-18 Friday

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Do you leave the heated beds plugged in all the time? I have just purchased one and cannot find the answer in the instructions. There is no off and on switch.

I do leave them plugged in all the time! I leave the ones inside plugged in year-round, and any that are outside (we had one in the cat house on the front porch at Crooked Acres, and have one in the same house, which is now located on the screened in porch) I unplug when temperatures hit somewhere between 80 and 90 regularly.


Is it my imagination or are the bigger ones hanging out in the crate w/the family longer than other litters? I’m looking forward to video of them wobbling around. Also with Katia and Kristi being feral, is there a chance that the kittens could learn that “mis-trust of humans” behavior ? This is a really fun family to watch! Can’t wait til they’re all moving around together in the playroom!

I am so used to kittens coming out of the crate and staying out permanently that these guys spending most of their time in the crate is kind of surprising to me. But then, they have 6 little kittens in there to play and snuggle with, so I don’t blame them. I’d live in that crate if I could!

I don’t worry about the kittens learning feral behavior from their mothers – I’ve had a feral mother cat before (Emmy) and she was fine with me handling her kittens as much as I wanted to. Kristi and Katia are the same – Katia’s kittens are climbing on me now and find me pretty interesting, and Katia’s okay with that. I expect Kristi will be the same way.


How do you tell the difference between Torvill and Dean?

Torvill (on the left) has a generous sprinkle of white hairs around his eyes and pretty much a white goatee. Also, Dean is bigger and heavier, and has a rounder face; Torvill’s is more narrow.


“You make kitteh skeptical.”

Torvill looks kinda guilty back there.

The tuxie girls discuss my fabulous slippers.

Kristi looks slightly amused here.

If you look closely, you’ll see green around her pupils. In other words, their eyes are starting to change color. ::sob::


Half a second later: ::snore::

Sleepy little muffins.

Torvill’s got the crazy eyes.

Been eatin’ litter. (It’s normal! They all do it! It’s non-clumping litter! They also always look completely disgusted while they’re doing it, and then spit it out. Kittens are like human babies – everything new immediately goes into the mouth. Or gets licked.)

All the other big kittens deserted the crate to look for Katia, so Oksana babysat all by her lonesome and did an excellent job of it.

I’m getting a very pointed “Excuse me, please leave; I would like to go into the crate with my mama right now.” look from Katia.


Oh, da Newtles.


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  1. Oksana has the best job ever.

    I can’t wait for the clips of the older kittens starting to toddle about! I just love their round bellies and amazed by everything eyes.

    Kisses to Newties.

  2. In the “Sleepy little muffins.” picture, either the meezer on the left is beginning to yawn, or is dreaming about the milk bar!

  3. Robyn, can you please take Stardust off of the available list, the way she says good morning to me each day with a purr and a nudge … I am NOT giving her up!

  4. Is it me, or did Kristi and Katia make a fairly hairy bunch of kittens? It’s too soon to tell of course, but at least two of Katia’s are definitely on the floofy side, and it looks like maybe some of the tinies are gifted in the hair department, too.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong here, Robyn, but… Feral, Kristi? Purry, kneady-pawed, getting petted lots and loving it Kristi? That cat’s not feral. Skittish, maybe, but she’s no Emmy or Katia. *pets her!*