4-1-18 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

At 4 weeks old, they’re starting to leave the crate. They don’t go far, but I was wondering if they were ever going to venture out. That’s Dean in the top pic, and Katarina in the bottom two.

Comfy. (Dean)


Snuggle buddies. (Katarina)

Good night, innernets.

Little gray escapes from the milk bar mosh pit.

“This one’s kinda cute, lady.”

Mama’s foot is the perfect size to flop across for a nap.

“Mine.” (Katarina)

Good night, innernets.

It’s Toesday.

More toes for Toesday – and yes, Kristi desperately needs a spa treatment for those toes! She won’t let me touch ’em, but I’ll keep trying!

On this Toesday, Katarina climbed into my lap to show off her toeses and also her floofy belly.

Scheming. (And in the background: toes!) (Torvill)

This little orange muffin thinks you’ll be amazed by his extra thumb. Please gasp accordingly.

What a toe-filled Toesday it’s turned out to be.

Katarina’s claiming all the little ones as hers.

Peeking out at the world.

Out cold.

Line ’em up!

The Fabulous Tuxie Girls.

“Hiiii Mama!”

OH those meezers.

Good night, innernets.

Good morning, innernets.

Babies’ first skeptical.

“Innernets, we takin’ care of these babies, you go to sleep.”

They certainly do love that Dean.

Lap kittens Dean and Katarina.

“Hi, innernets!” (Dean)

“Oh. Hi. Just airing out my toebeans.” (Oksana)

Good night, innernets.

“Go back to bed, innernets. Caturday means sleepin’ in.”

Permanent residents, lookin’ for trouble. Newt, Frankie & Stefan in the back, Kara & Dewey in the front.


Mama Kristi’s on duty tonight. Good night, innernets.


Videos! I split them into two videos this week. The first video is all the hissing videos.

YouTube link

The second video is all the other non-hissing videos I shared. Too cute to be missed!

YouTube link


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4-1-18 Weekly Roundup — 7 Comments

  1. OMG, I adore these kittens. Thank you for all the great pictures! Happy Easter!!

  2. The “They certainly do love that Dean” pic, I love the rebel meezer going off on his/her own in the background.

    There’s gonna be a rumble on your patio. Kara better call for backup.

  3. I had to Google what a “meezer” is, and it turns out it’s another name for a Siamese type. The more you know!

  4. I have had several meezer friends. I highly recommend them. I highly recommend all kittens, really, it’s just that the ones I’ve met that had the sort of personalities I enjoy most have been either meezers, torties, or Bengals. In other words, in my experience, energetic cats who talk a whole lot and are very bossy. 😀 None of those traits are limited to particular coats or breeds but I only speak for the kitties who’ve bossed me around. 😀

    Too bad my cubicle at work isn’t full of adorable snuggleable kittens, or I’d be more enthusiastic about tomorrow morning.