4-2-18 Monday and the kittens have names!

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Stardust says hello!

Look how comfortable and content that pretty girl is. Really, when all is said and done, she settled in pretty quickly, didn’t she?

(Thank you so much, Debra!)


They are now TWO weeks old, and Kristi’s kittens have been sexed and named. Without further ado, please say hello to…

The little orange tabby with the swirly markings and the extra thumb. He is a boy (no shock there), and he is now Brian Boitano.

The little orange tabby with the stripey markings (who is looking at his paw like “How come I didn’t get an extra thumb?!”). He is also a boy, and he is now Scott, named after Scott Moir.

The gray kitten with stripes that show up sometimes, and sometimes don’t. This kitten is a girl, and her name is now Tessa, named after Tessa Virtue.

The little might-be-black, might-be-smoke, might-be-silver, might-be-tuxie, is-that-a-fever-coat?I-don’t-know kitten. This kitten is also a girl, and her name is now Debi, named after Debi Thomas (and because these kittens were born on my sister Debbie’s birthday, so the kitten is also kinda named after her.)

The darker of the two meezers. Guess what? Another girl! She is now Picabo, named after Picabo Street, who YES I KNOW is not a skater, she’s a skier. But the name is too perfect for a kitten, so I went with a non-skater for this one.

The lighter of the two meezers. That’s right – another girl! She is now Ohno, named after Apolo Ohno, who is NOT a figure skater but IS a speed skater, who is NOT a female, but who cares? How could I miss the chance to name a kitten Ohno?

So now that they’re named, I have no excuse not to get a page up and running for them, and get them all added to the sidebar. Hopefully THIS week is when that will happen, but perhaps you should not hold your breath.

Tessa wonders just WHAT is going ON.

Ohno (left) and Picabo.

All six of Kristi’s kittens, in the basket ’cause it was time for weighing.

What would Brian Boitano do if he were here right now? He’d give us the ol’ hisseroo, that’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

A half-hearted hiss from Tessa.

“Ess-SCUSE, lady. You gots other kittens in here, YA KNOW.” Oksana.

Deanzilla in a rare still moment.

Torvill in the litter box – but not using it. Just sitting there for reasons known only to him.

Katarina’s lookin’ for trouble.

Kristi and her kittens in one crate.

Katia and her kittens in the other. (They’re not usually divided up like this. There’s almost always at least one big kitten in amongst Kristi’s little ones.)

At weigh-in yesterday, I found that Dean (who is the biggest of the big kittens) is now weighing in at 1 pound, 10.3 ounces. Katarina is the smallest of the big kittens, and weighs 1 lb, 1.8 ounces. The big kittens turned 5 weeks old yesterday. They’re starting to use the small litter boxes, they’re moving around all over the room, and are starting to bat at toys, climb on the ess scratcher, and are thinking about climbing the scratching post. (I would have put the small blue cat tree in the room by now, but we tossed the one we had when we moved, because it was such a mess. We have one on the way from Chewy and it should be here soon.)

The biggest of the little kittens is Brian Boitano, who weighs 10.2 ounces. And the smallest is Picabo, who weighs 8 ounces even. The little kittens turned 2 weeks old today – their eyes are all open, they’re looking around in interest, and they’re starting to pick fights with the big kittens.


Maxi has zero use for kittens, and isn’t sure why I think I want them in the house either.


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4-2-18 Monday and the kittens have names! — 22 Comments

  1. Every single one of them is just so squeezable and adorable. Tell Teresa F. that there isn’t a scale big enough to measure my level of jealousy! 🙂

  2. Those are perfect names! Welcome to your new names, little babies! Now go hiss and annoy the hell out of your uncles and aunts who are looking gigantic now (but still oh so squeezable).

  3. I LOVE the new names!! And, um… the only reason I noticed you called Torvill “her” is because mentally I’ve been pronouncing it to rhyme with Orville as said on Green Acres – T’Orville, I guess.

    • I wonder if I’m ever going to think of Torvill as a boy?? We’ve known he’s a boy for WEEKS and I still think of him as a girl!

    • PS: Thanks for letting me know. I would have been really annoyed at myself at some point in the future when I spotted that! 🙂

  4. As soon as I read the name Brian Boitano, I broke into song. I died laughing when I read your comment. Perfect.

  5. Ohno and Picabo need to be adopted together and keep their names. Sooo good. I’m picturing them walking around with the We are Siamese if you please song in the background(I know they are not Siamese but still!!)

  6. I know you said Ohno is the lighter of the two meezers, but dang if I can tell that, even in the side-by-side photo. Are there any other ways to distinguish between her and Picabo?

    • According to my notes, Ohno is floofier, and (right now, at least) her ears aren’t as high up as Picabo’s yet. But I think pretty soon one of them is going to get a dab of fingernail polish on the tip of her ear just to make life easier for all of us! 🙂

  7. Great names, and what a coat Debi has! Can’t wait to see what that turns into. Out of the whole mob of them Katarina is still hands down cutest!

  8. Great names-all Olympic gold. What is a fever coat? (I’m one that didn’t know what meezer was). It reminds me of getting my hair “frosted” back in the day.

    • Sometimes, if a mother cat is ill or particularly stressed during pregnancy, her kittens can be born with parts of their fur that appear silvery gray. It eventually turns to black as they get older. As far as I know, there’s not a way to know for sure whether it’s a fever coat or their actual coloring, other than just waiting to see what happens.

  9. Katarina and Oksana both remind me of my Disney when she was a baby. She sadly crossed the rainbow bridge just over 2 years ago now, but lives on forever in my heart.

  10. I love how the Bigs are always in with the Littles! Katarina and Oksana are so stinkin’ CUTE! Looks like they may be long-haired kitties! And I absolutely love the names Brian and Scott for the little ornj’s! Squeeeeeeeeeee for ALL of the kittens! And the wonderful mommies too!

  11. Cuteness is killin’ me! Love the names and close-ups.
    I didn’t know what a fever coat was either, thanks for asking! I would have to say that mama’s last few weeks before delivery were NOT at all stressful, (spa treatment at the Anderson’s)…although I suppose just being caught and moved could’ve been terrifying. It’s fun to watch!