4-3-18 Tuesday

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Would you look at this sweet face?

That is the face of a cat who was pretty overwhelmed with 7 kittens this time three years ago. You know her as Lucy (or Lucille Ball, if you’re going to be formal). She’s now Gilly, and she’s one happy girl.

She still spends lots of time upside down. I have more photos of her this way than right side up!

And a belated happy birthday to her kittens the Fools. One of whom you can see right here:

I could not let today go by without posting a birthday update! Today this little booger turned three!!! Ty and I just could not imagine the world without Mr. Gir Shecky! He still runs the show, is still super dramatic and still gets his way with everything. Happy Birthday to The Fools!!!

If you’re not following Gir Shecky’s brothers Red (formerly Skelton) and Georgie (formerly Carlin) on Instagram, you oughta be – you get to see their big brother Bill (from the True Bloods) too.

(Thanks for letting me share your pics, Pam & John!)

PS: Lucy’s birth story was posted three years ago today.


Also, happy birthday to Nola’s Cajuns – two of whom, Andre (formerly Andouille) and Bella (formerly Beignet), you can follow over on Facebook!


Brian Boitano’s all “You get away, Tessa! Oksana is MY snuggle buddy!”

Kristi considers her life choices. (Debi and Picabo were snuggled in the front corner of the crate and didn’t fit in this picture.)

Dean was trying SO HARD to get into the big litter box, but couldn’t quite make it.

Katarina and Oksana check out the view from this crate. (It looks like Oksana’s head is 3 times the size of Katarina’s, but it’s because she was closer to the crate opening.)

Oksana’s got the crazy eyes.

Torvill and Dean, asleep amongst the little ones.

Torvill. SUCH a pretty boy!


You know that Brian Boitano has an extra thumb, as seen here.

So I was looking at the kittens the other night, and suddenly realized that he’s also got an extra toe on each of his back feet.

How on earth did I miss that?? To recap: Brian Boitano has an extra thumb on one front paw and an extra toe on each of his back feet. That’s a total of THREE extra toes.

I did take a second look at all the other kittens’ toes, but it appears that Brian Boitano is the only polydactyl in the litter.

Dean, with attitude.


Sheriff Mama keeps an eye on things.

Were you wondering at all what kind of creatures the cats would be bringing into the house now that we’re in a rocky location rather than the fields we were surrounded by at Crooked Acres? Well, at this point in time the answer is: skinks. First Stefan brought one inside the house yesterday morning, and Fred scooped it up and took it out into the front yard and let it go. Then in the afternoon we saw Alice looking very intently under the secretaire in the computer room, and I pulled out the drawer to find another skink, which went out into the front yard, too. (Fortunately neither of us is ooked out by lizardy creatures.)

We’ve rescued a couple of chipmunks (or possibly the same chipmunk twice, who knows?) from Kara and Frankie in the back yard, but none have made it into the house. YET.


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4-3-18 Tuesday — 21 Comments

  1. Katarina and Oksana are my favorites thus far as well – I love how they babysit their little aunts and uncles.

    Great to see updates of Lucy/Gilly and Gir Shecky today! Happy Birthday to The Fools!

    I got the Weeds’ banner today and was once again staring at little Purslane’s sweet funny face. So much so I needed to see if there was a picture of her as an adult – Thanks to her mom, Lisa M, indeed there is on 6-3-13 that shows she grew into her looks and is a true Torti beauty.

    I so appreciate updates, and Robyn’s work in indexing all the entries so we can go on Memory Lane jogs whenever we wish.

    • Agreed. Also love all of the recent updates of former fosters. Kittens are cute but smug and happy cats in their forever homes make me smile.

    • So totally agree. Robyn’s is my absolute favorite site. So much goodness done with wit , love and care.
      I figure the extra toes are why Brian is such a great skater.

  2. 3 extra toes! Squee! I had a chipmunk in my condo for about a week. I tried to live trap it thinking it was a mouse. The trap would be moved every time I saw it. One day my cats came flying down the hallway chasing the chipmunk. I finally got it out of the house when I opened the garage door and it ran behind the door and it squeezed through the crack between the door and jam.

    • Good for the chipmunk! They are such cute little critters. Unfortunately, my mom’s much-missed Emily was known on a few occasions as the Chipmunk Murderer due to her excellent hunting skills. None of us minded her taking out the occasional mouse, even when she left bits of them outside the bedroom doors, but we did rather object to the chipmunks.


  3. Is it odd that only one kitten is polydactyl? Isn’t that genetic? You know – like Hemingway’s cats….

  4. Happy birthday to the Fools. And so happy to seem mama “Lucy” being spoiled. Your fosters turn into the LARGEST cats (good beginnings!)

    Last summer I had a small green lizard living under my backporch; it would come out in the day and sun itself on the patio stones or metal rod of the dog kennel. I was surprised my dogs showed zero interest in it. I’m guessing the skinks enjoy sunning themselves on the rocks in your yard, and the cats cannot resist! 🙂

  5. Apropos of nothing, I was proofreading a document when I suddenly realized that FONTS would make great kitten names: Arial, Consolus, Calibri, Baskerville, Centaur, Ebrima, Elephant (for the tubby one of the litter), FangSong (!), Garamond, Goudy, Lucida, Mangal (for the kitten of undetermined gender) Mistral, others, and of course – WingDing! And you wouldn’t have to worry about the kittens’ genders.

  6. Robin, what group are you fostering the little Oksana for I am interested in getting her.