4-4-18 Wednesday

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We have an update! Yesterday I wished Nola’s Cajuns a happy birthday (and I hope you went over to Facebook to see how gorgeous Andre (formerly Andouille) and Bella (formerly Beignet) are these days). Today, I have an update on their sisters Praline and Roux!

Catherine says: On the anniversary of their birth, I thought I’d share some photos and anecdotes with you of Nola’s two spotted tabbies.

Praline has grown up to be gorgeous, currently weighing in at a full grown 11 pounds, although she doesn’t look nearly that heavy- she is all muscle and can still jump a good five feet in the air if a feather teaser is involved. She loves to “hunt”, especially furry mice and anything with feathers. She is the more laid back of the two girls and is always willing to curl up and be read to by one of our boys. Our favorite Praline habit occurs when she feels no one is paying her enough attention: she will stretch out, right across the path we are walking in and sweetly meow for a good belly rub. This is almost impossible to resist by any member of our family, and the lucky petter is rewarded with a wall-shaking purr.

Roux is the more active of the two, keeping her trim figure at only 8 pounds. She hunts down toys and hides them away in her secret stash, which moves any time it is discovered. She often plays the part of “little sister” by sneaking up to attack her unsuspecting sister or stealing Praline’s mouse. She follows us around constantly, always preferring to have someone in sight. She loves a good routine and is the first to remind us, by sitting on top of the food bin, that her breakfast is running behind schedule. Her most endearing quality, though, is how she always seems to know who needs a little extra love or attention and a good cuddle to brighten their day.

We are so blessed to have added these sweet girls to our family and look forward to many more birthday celebrations to come!

Roux sleeping by the window

Praline curled up with the menagerie

Sweet girls keeping a watchful eye on their boys in the yard from their favorite lookout spot.

Aren’t updates absolutely awesome? I love them!

(Thank you so much, Catherine!)

PS: Y’all can read Nola’s birth story in the year-ago post!


Oh POOR long-suffering Dean. You know you love it, Dean! (That’s Brian Boitano climbing over Dean.)

Katarina’s been climbin’.

I love those chipmunk stripes down Brian Boitano’s back.

Ohno, milk drunk. You can’t really see it in this picture, but Ohno has white paws so (I am told) she’s a Snowshoe.

Brian Boitano sure likes to show off his fabulous extra thumb. Also, please admire that bullseye on his side. That’s where you aim when you’re going in for the snorgle. (And yes, I believe he’s got 4 white feet.)

Picabo and the teeny tongue.

Tessa and Scott, snuggling.

I am sharing this picture solely because the nosy little meezer in the background is cracking me UP. (Also, Tessa is adorable.)

I am sensing a little of the attitude from our boy Deanzilla.

Also a little of the floofy attitude (floofitude) from Oksana who’s all “TRYIN’ TO SLEEP HERE.”

Some Deanitude.

I love how Torvill (in the back of the crate) is eyeballing Dean’s crate-climbing move, and Kristi’s just laying there counting the days ’til they leave for college.

I walked into the kitten room early yesterday morning to find two of Kristi’s kittens – one meezer, one orange tabby; I didn’t look closely before I returned them to the crate – asleep on the blanket in front of the crate. When I went back and checked the Dropcam, I could see that Kristi was laying in front of the crate around midnight, and her two kittens casually climbed out of the crate over her, and spent the night crawling from one Mama to another, nursing, snoozing, and getting some Dean cuddles. They were perfectly happy where they were, but I scooped them up, put them back in the crate, and sternly told them to SLOW DOWN. I’m not ready for them to leave the crate yet!


Here are the videos I made in March using the One Second Everyday app. First up, the month in kittens:

YouTube link

And then the month in permanent residents (and a few other odds and ends.)

YouTube link


“You makin’ me nervous, lady.”


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  1. Brian Boitano looks like a mini-Frankie in the picture where he is climbing over Dean, what with his swirls.

    Oh, these litters…I can’t imagine getting up without my coffee and my Love and Hisses fix. Between the kittens, the Permies, and Praline & Roux updates – this post is near perfect!


  2. Ah, they are getting so big and cute! Picabo is adorable! And the updates are so fun. I know the feeling of being blessed by the fuzzy babies, even if they can be hard headed at times. Love the pic of Roux and the two keeping watch!!

  3. Those two tuxie girls are GORGE!!!! I was reminded when watching the 30 days of kitties video when Katia meowed, kitty talked to you as you petted her newborns… do you think she’ll ever come around or will remain forever feral like Emmy… she’s so pretty. Don’t you want to sit her down and have a talk about the high value of human pets??? 🙂