4-5-18 Thursday

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Phoenix and Truman, gossiping about Stardust!

This picture cracks me up, because they SO look like they’re getting some good gossip in and Stardust is just back there in her own little world.

(Thanks, Debra!)


They are LOVING that scratcher. (Dean underneath, Oksana laying on the curvy part… and Katia in the background keeping an eye on them.)

Dean’s all “Oh. Hallo.”

Katarina was NOT waiting for Dean to come out so that she could bite him. She’d NEVER.

Kristi and her meezers.

Kristi and her Scott.

Katia and her muffinheads (that’s Katarina right next to her face).

Kristi and Tessa, who is NOT sticking her tongue out at her mama, because that would be RUDE.


They’re getting so BIG.

Debi sees what you’re doing and thinks you better behave yourselves.

Brian Boitano has a think about his amazing extra toes.


Video! There is a whole lot of floofing, skittering, and jumping from the four older kittens in this video. This is why my house is never clean: I spend all my time laughing at kittens!

YouTube link


Alice Mo the calico in one of her most favorite spots.

YouTube link


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4-5-18 Thursday — 23 Comments

  1. You’re trying to confuse those poor kittehs, aren’t you? Cause I think the bowl that says FOOD is actually water. Unless, of course, you’re feeding them some extra-powered rocket fuel for extra floofiness and skittering.

  2. It was Shady Cove some time in March
    I’d just been born and my throat was parched
    I thought I’d stop and have me some champaign.
    And in the foster room, scooping a box,
    Wearin’ edible jeans and edible socks,
    Stood the mean ole foster mom who named me Jayne.

    Well I floofed up quick and I floofed up mean,
    But all she did was continue to clean,
    And wipe up dust with a cheap and ratty old scarf.
    So I chose my target and I chose it well,
    She took a step backward and let out a yell,
    ‘Cause she’d stepped right in a big ole puddle o’ barf.

    She said she recognized the error of her ways,
    And crossed her heart it’d be 14 days,
    Before new names would ever be proclaimed.
    So I snuggled with my sister, who’s also my aunt
    But my uncle/brother, he continued to taunt,
    I tell ya, life ain’t easy for a boy named Jayne!

  3. How you even manage to leave the foster room to shower/eat is beyond me. Those 2 litters are just unreal. Katia’s babies look like little roly-poly cartoon characters!

  4. I got up early so that I could get the car pack for my trip to Kentucky. So, what am I doing? Watching kitten videos over and over. They are so cute.

    In the one picture it looks like Tessa is saying “Mama, you are squishing me!”

    I do have one additional task this morning before I can hit the road. Andre and Bella managed to knock two of my thread caddies off of the bookshelf in my sewing room last night and now I have about 50 spools of thread spread around the upstairs. Guess I am going to have to put bands around the caddies so it doesn’t happen again.

  5. Of course Tessa is not sticking her tongue out at her Mama, she’s sticking it out at YOU, Weird Lady! 😉

  6. A clean house is way over-rated! You have your priorities right!
    As always, THANK YOU for sharing your life with kittons with us!

  7. Have y’all decided if/how you’re going to let the kitties have the run of the second floor?