4-3-14 – Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday.

(The permanent residents, in alphabetical order.)

Alice Mo. She was living in the bathroom at that time, and hadn’t yet completely fallen in love with Fred.

Corbie, around 7 or 8 weeks old.

George and Gracie. They were 6 months old when we got them (in 2008), and utterly adorable. That’s George on the right.

Jake (right) and Elwood, the day they showed up on our side stoop in 2009.

Joe Bob, when he was named Moonman and came to us for a break from the cage at Petsmart. That was in 2007 (he actually went to Petsmart, was adopted and returned. We adopted him a year later.)

Pregnant Kara, 6 years ago. She was pregnant when we got her, and she had her babies the very next day. Doesn’t she look sweet and wide-eyed? Motherhood must have changed her into the skeptical, scowling Sheriff Mama she is now.

Maxi, in 2007.

Maxi, kicking Newt’s butt. She was so TINY. She’s still a small cat, but I’m always blown away when I see pictures of her from back then, and realize just how tiny she was.

Miz Poo – this will always be one of my favorite pictures of her. I think she was 4 or 5 months old, this was back in 1999.

Newt in the sun; still his favorite place to be.

Stefan, less than a year ago. The vet said that the raw spot on his shoulder could be due to allergies. It has healed up, but you can still feel scar tissue under his fur.

Baby Stinkerbelle. Her name was Maryann back then.

Sugarbutt – his name was Sad Eyes back then (I didn’t name him). He was a complete and utter mess, and I loved him from the moment I saw him.

Sweet baby Tommy – he was Barrett back then (I didn’t name him, either.) He was always the first one to climb into my lap when I sat down; he started his job as Ambassador at a very young age!


Mariette is mighty possessive of her toys.

There’s not much in the way of feathers on that feather teaser anymore, but they still love playing with it.

Mariette has crushed the long-legged Cheetah into submission.

Dennis, always watching.

Angelo likes to knead against my hand. Or foot. Or leg. Or whatever’s near him.

Always. Watching.


The tuxie-doe
Sure does love that bed on top of the Room with a View


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4-3-14 – Throwback Thursday — 34 Comments

  1. killed by the cute. More TBTs, please!

    (but wait, now I think I’ve been mixing up Alice Mo and Stinkerbelle in my head–like they’re one & the same calico kitty. Alice Mo loves her daddy, yo, Stinkerbelle loves her Tommy, no? (ha, I rhyme) But isn’t Stinkerbelle also crazy about Fred??)

      • sorry, sweet Alice Mo, for temporarily confusing you with the beautiful but evil (tho not really) Stinkerbelle.

    • Oops! He’s there now. 🙂

      Stinkerbelle has gotten much darker as she’s aged, her colors were very faint when we first got her.

      • The colors on Siamese and related cats (Himalayans, mixes, so on) are temperature sensitive, so kittens are very often white (kittens tend to both run warm and be kept sheltered more) and only get colors as they get bigger and large enough to have extremities. So you’ll see dark colors on the ears, tails, and toes more often than on the core of the body. In fact, if your Siamese-type cat has to get shaved for any reason during cold weather, the new hair will likely grow in dark because that part of the body is colder until the new hair grows in.

        • There’s my Jake-ity Jake! Love the Loon! And Elwood, who had a touch of the loon in him too, just hid it a little better. Miss that sweetheart.

          Ok, I didn’t realize Stinkerbelle was part siamese, her calico like markings fooled me! And we so rarely see her whole body, just her pretty face as she gazes at her Tommy. Is her arrival and adoption in the archives anywhere? I’d love to see her growing up. (currently reading about the 2007 momma and kittens)

          • They’re not in the archives yet – that’s on my to-do list. I’ll be sure to mention it when I do get them posted!

  2. I also want to know – where’s the Loon?!

    It’s so awesome seeing them all a bit younger/smaller.Especially Stinkerbelle.I love the underdog(cat) and since she has a bit of a personality disorder,like my Frank,I have a very soft spot for her.

  3. OMG! I have that stuffed tiger in Alice Mo’s pic. My foster Odysseus was obsessed with it. He was so sick but would cry and cry for it.

  4. what an awesome post…love those throwback photos…Corbie’s belly and the pups…all so sweet…Dennis is my kind of guy…introvert

  5. LOVE seeing the regular crew as babies, they were all so special in their own way!

  6. Thank you for TBT! I love seeing all the pictures of your permanents as wee ones. I’m not much of a picture taker, for whatever reason, but I always wish I had more pictures of my girls when they were small.

  7. that rhyme was terrible 🙂

    LOVE seeing pictures of them when little….too cute. And that Dennis – you know there is someone out there just waiting to be his love slave.

  8. Aw – love the pictures of the Permanent Residents when they were babies! And I do love Dennis – it’s a good thing I live a long ways away, because I don’t think my current two (especially old lady Harley) would be happy if I brought a baby boy home!

  9. This has to be one of the best posts EVER !!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe how different Stinkerbelle looks !!! I would not have guessed that was her. Amazing how some kittens still look the same as adults ( basically big kittens ) but others change so much.

    Sugarbutt has a little “Stompers” face in that picture !!

    Thank you so much for posting all these amazing baby pictures.

  10. Corbie was the first foster I fell for. Looking at that picture, is there any doubt why?! I’m glad you kept him so we can see his beauty-ful-ness every week. Thanks for the great post – really enjoyed seeing the baby pics.

  11. I LOVE THIS POST. I can’t remember when I started following your blog, but I remember one of the things that kept me coming back initially was that you always, without fail, included a mention/photo of a permanent resident. It’s true, I love me some tiny bebe kittens, but I also love hearing about much-loved adult cats and their unique stories.

    • I actually have a schedule, written on my calendar, so that all the permanent residents get their turn. Well, except for Corbie, who always gets Friday. 🙂

  12. Love the throwback pics… Hardly recognized Stinkerbelle… thanx for the information on Siamese color and temp., etc. No wonder my little Blue Point Winkle is such a deep dark color now. (She’s 14 and it’s hot here, like there.)

  13. How do you tell George and Gracie apart? (Besides sneaking a look at their nether regions)

  14. no idea why I thought that most of your crew weren’t fosters at one point.. it was a stupid assumption because you’ve told the stories before, and I knew them, but seeing it all on one post made me realize just how silly I was 🙂

    I should do one of these while I’m in kitten watch..