4-2-14 – Crooked Acres Wednesday

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Can you believe that today marks three years since Maggie had her babies? I remember thinking she was NEVER going to give those babies up, and finally she did! You can read her birth story here.


Crooked Acres Wednesday.

Daffodils are my absolute favorite flower, and luckily they grow all over the place on this property. This is the best time of the year!

Female Cardinal, keeping an eye on me.

This female Cardinal was SUPER annoyed by that Finch on the other side of the feeder and kept giving it the hairy eyeball.

The fruit trees are starting to bloom; this is one of the peach trees. We have high hopes that THIS is the year we get a decent crop of fruit. Fingers crossed!

Turkey Hawk, I think. Where were George and Gracie while this bird was flying over the back forty, eyeing the chickens? Sound asleep behind the coop, of course. Yet Monday morning when a hot air balloon went by, they were losing their MINDS.

Gracie Mae: Keepin’ the back forty safe from all hot air balloons and planes.

Larry the rooster.

Meredith Grey. Have I mentioned that I think she is JUST. SO. PURTY. ?



Pretty, pretty rooster, keeping an eye on the wimminfolk.

Gracie is totally making a joke at George’s expense, and he’s NOT HAPPY about it.

“Aww, come on, Georgie. Can’t you take a joke?”

I walked toward the pond to see what the ducks were doing, and the chickens didn’t want to miss anything. This isn’t all of them (some of them hang out in the coop during the day), but it’s most of them.

The ducks were hanging out under the bench, and came out to see if I had anything for them.


George on the other side of the pond, wondering what I’m doing.


Male duck, chasing one of the hens. Stupid duck.

Rooster at the water bowl. Gulpy-gulp!

The Ameraucana. She lays blue eggs. Not enough (we get two or three a week), but they’re so pretty that I appreciate the ones we do get from her even more.

Hens always look so judgey.

The Spirea, off the front porch. Hopefully I’ll remember to get a picture of it when it’s blooming.


“Seriously, lady? It’s April and you’re still wearing your warm socks?” Hey, I get cold!

Angelo does his T-Rex impression.

Dennis, watching.

“Come HERE, feather teaser!”

She sure is a sweet little thing.

The FroliCat Pounce gives Mariette the Crazy Eyes.

“What you doin’, weird lady?”

Mariette and the foil ball.


There is just nothing Sheriff Mama likes more than a sunny day.

Have you ever seen a happier girl?


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4-2-14 – Crooked Acres Wednesday — 33 Comments

  1. Spirea is so lovely when it is blooming! Thank you for Crooked Acres Wednesday!!! I, too, love Daffodils (Crocuses, Poppies and Peonies). 🙂

    Dennis has the b-e-s-t face!

  2. Kara’s black feets are so adorbs.

    And Dennis… what can I say, that boy is precious. But whenever I see him, that song from Sesame Street pops into my head… the one about “one of these things is not like the others”, you know the one? He’s sooo not part of that litter, in looks & in attitude. Which, of course, as odd man out, makes me love him even more. lol

  3. It makes me happy to see Sheriff Mama so happy, she is one of my favourites (well they all are)!

  4. I love all of your posts, but Crooked Acres Wednesdays are my absolute favorite. You have such a wonderful life and home!

  5. Yay Crooked Acres Wednesday. Love Sheriff Mama pictures. She is such a fierce lady. And George looks so worried. Perhaps he is concerned an invasion of balloons. He only has the one staff member in his crew after all.

  6. I would like to see the blue eggs. The pic of the chickens following you to the pond is great!!

  7. I think a photo restrospective of all the different eggs your hens lay would be wonderful to see! (Heh, heh, heh…and you thought you had gotten out of taking food pictures…heh, heh, heh). 😉

  8. I’m still wearing my warm socks too! It’s supposed to snow tomorrow here in Denver… :/

  9. Aw, Maggie was the first litter you had when I started following Love & Hisses! 🙂

  10. So the ducks haven’t made any baby ducks? Or have you been collecting the eggs?

    • We’ve been collecting the eggs. I have no desire to have more ducks out there – I think 4 is more than enough!

  11. well you just never know when those balloons might start stealing chickens. 🙂 Do the dogs swim in the pond? George looked like he might have been thinking about it to get to you….

    that is a LOT of chickens…..

    good job Kara – keeping the porch safe while working on your tan

    • They don’t swim in the pond, but they’ll wade around in the edge, up to their “knees”. Just enough to get muddy paws, which then of course they’ll wipe on me. 🙂

  12. I’m not sure if the chickens are looking judgemental or just squinting into the sun?

    I love pics of Kara!

  13. Aww! Sheriff Mama looks so utterly contented and happy in the warm sunshine. It was a really nice day in Atlanta yesterday too. I can see why she enjoyed being outside so much!

    Also, I love how George is giving you a long-distance ::THLURRP:: from the other side of the pond: http://s28.postimg.org/nwa7mlfa5/George_thlurrp.png

    Being able to view the original huge photo sizes on Flickr really helps, as I didn’t even know he was ::THLURRP::-ing until I saw the original resolution!

  14. Robyn – since you are the god of all cat information, my cat George got into the garbage yesterday and I’m not sure what he got into, but he pulled a patch of his fur off his shoulders. He didn’t draw blood and it’s the first time he’s ever done this. Should I just watch him, or should I get him to the Vet?? Obi Won – you’re my only hope…

    I’m a huge fan BTW…

  15. We were out walking our dogs one day when a hot air balloon appeared, flying pretty low over the neighborhood. Our Pyrenees mix went, as you said, nuts barking at it, but our senior Husky was actually afraid of it and she could not drag us home fast enough.

    • Sugarbutt is SUPER scared of regular balloons. I’m not sure what he’d do if he saw a gigantic hot-air balloon!

  16. Fantastic photos !!! as usual !! Have you ever entered any of your photos in a contest ? You could also print them and sell them as postcards/notecards !!!

    I discovered your site when you had posted a video on Youtube of Maggie asking her when she was going to have her babies. Your site is one of the best highlights of my day. Never a dull moment with the Crooked Acres gang !!!!

    • Thanks!

      I’ve entered a few pictures in contests, but got nowhere with them. I’m not really a contest person. 🙂

  17. I wear socks and stockings until summer, and even then, I’ll wear them to work. My office is a perpetual ice age.

  18. I loved this post!!

    Our doggies were also big on barking the balloons away. We actually got a little video of it once. (hey, next time, you should run out and do that!)

    and so. jealous. of the daffodils/flowering peach tree.

    I cut my spirea back too far a couple of years ago (I’ve probably whined about that before) & it’s still half of its former size. Crossing my fingers it won’t go down to like 10 degrees when it’s close to blooming.

    • It is entirely possible that you’re the one who told me to leave the Spirea alone. I never trim it back (except when it starts encroaching on the front flower beds), just let it do its thing!