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I had gotten all of the post for today written, when I glanced in at Mama, and found that she was in labor! Not five minutes after I got into the room, she had her first kitten. That was just before 5 pm, and by 8:00 she’d had SEVEN kittens. From what I can tell, she has four orange or buff kittens, two dark (tuxie or tabby, maybe), and one who looks (at least from the back) very much like Ruth from Khaleesi’s litter.

I don’t have great pictures yet – she made it pretty clear that she didn’t want me all up in her space (she’d made a nest in the back of the crate and was a little growly), so I tried to respect her privacy (which was hard!). I’ll get more pictures later today (and in the future, obviously), so worry not – you’ll get to see these kittens a LOT.

For now, here’s what I have (followed by the post originally written for today!)

The first three babies.

Of course she wanted to give birth on the bare floor of the crate, because why be comfy? COMFORT IS FOR WIMPS (ie, humans).

Four? Maybe five?

I’m thinking that one on the right is either a very dark tabby, or black. The one to the left of him/her is either a tuxie or a dark tabby and white (it’s hard to tell when they’re still wet from birth.)

The one who reminds me of Ruth is front and center.

It is going to be SO FUN to watch these babies grow! By the way, I was completely taken by surprise to find her in labor. As far as I can tell, she had only checked out the crate a few times, AND she ate three cans of food before 11 am. I figured those of you who predicted Easter might be right! Goes to show that even though I’ve done this five times before, I still have no idea when mamas are about to give birth.

I have to admit that I am kind of a cranky old bat about April Fool’s Day. I don’t LIKE it (because you can’t trust anything anyone says on that day, and because I am 100 years old, and you GET OFF MY LAWN), and so I was hoping that she wouldn’t have them yesterday – which, I am sure, is exactly why she did. I expect I will end up going with the comedian naming theme several of you mentioned. Feel free to make suggestions – especially female names. I don’t know the sex of these babies yet, but Mom at least is a female, and surely at least one or two of the kittens are girls.


Look, look, look who it is!

Our sweet baby monkeys Peter, Paul and Mary, who are being fostered by Cydney and Henry now! Look at those little faces. Cydney reports that they’re doing great, they’re “hoppy-toads” when she plays with them, and they loooove nap time cuddles. Oh, and being kissed!


Thinking of how worried I was that Mama Kitty would have the kittens before I could get her home makes me laugh and lauuuuuuugh. Grrrr!

This angle is one of my favorites, because I am evil.

“Over you, lady. 100%.”

She has SUCH pretty eyes, doesn’t she?

Oh, look. This angle again!

And another standing picture of the belleh. Because why not?

And to compare: left is March 19th, right is March 31st. I thought she was SO HUGE when I first brought her home. HA.


Grandma Poo in her Poo Cave.


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  1. Gilda, Murray (Bill), Chevy Chace, Carlin (George) Aziz, Sarah (Silverman), Patton, Fay, Rivers. What fun!

      • I like Rivers as a name…instead of Joan. 🙂

        It is a name the new mama/daddy may want to keep.

      • I also like Aisha (Tyler), Iliza (Shlesinger), Mindy (Kaling) and was thinking Fey (Tina) if Fay has already been taken.

    • What about Phyllis Diller, Dorothy Parker, Betty White, Bea Arthur, or Kathy Griffin?

  2. Wow, 7 kittens is not a litter, that’s…more like a full-time job with extra hours added 😉 jokes aside, I’m so happy Mama is well and she looks so content with her babies… It’s kinda appropriate that right after you listed the previous mamas and the number of kittens they each had, Mama would go on and break the record! I still can’t believe there’s seven of them! I rather feel like the number 7 could be a starting point with the naming theme, but to be honest all the things in the world that come in sevens aren’t really kitten-name material (dwarves, deadly sins, etc)

    • HAHA, I totally want a kitten named Wrath.

      There are also seven heavenly virtues to go with the sins, but not all of them make good names. There are seven Weasley kids in Harry Potter, but that would only work if all of them were orange and if there was only one girl. You could always go with the seven days of the week, but then I’m not sure what Mama’s name would be…

      • I kind of like that days of the week idea. Mama could be April, for the month they were born.

  3. If you’re going with comedians, one of the oranj kittens must be named Louis! (Louis CK)

  4. What about an SCTV themed bunch? Though there are only two women in there. Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Dave Thomas, John Candy, Catherine O’Hara, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis

  5. Or if you call mother Lucille Ball, then I insist on one being name Eve Arden. Our Miss Brooks is still a brilliant show!

  6. Excellent comedien/ne suggested names so far!! Phyllis (Diller), Totie (Fields), Joan (Rivers), Kathy (Griffin). Billy (Crystal). Or maybe Laughing names? Snicker, Giggle, Guffaw, Chuckle, Titter, Cackle, Chortle, Snort. Coming up with seven, plus MOM, is hard. Poor Mom could be Belly Laugh in honor of her formerly huge self!! Shortened to Bella?

    Never mind. I’m obv in a kitteh-induced euphoria with these pictures and am not thinking clearly!!! CONGRATS MAMA and Crooked Acres on the new babies!!!

      • I agree! I much prefer the cute “laughing” names to naming kitties after comedians. That’s just my own personal issue, though… I don’t find most of those comedians to be funny at all, and as Robyn said, there ain’t nothin’ funny about birthin’ babies! lol

    • More humor names: Levity, Joy, Gaiety, Merriment, Hilarity, Cheery, Mirth, and Joviality.

    • I love these Laughing names – prefer them over ‘real people’ names, so one is not looking for a certain trait in a certain kitten.

      Welcome, kittens! Wishing Mama some rest and noms!

  7. Oh, I agree about Lucille for the mom! The queen of comedians. There are so so many good names for kittens to be harvested from comedians. The ones I thought of yesterday were Steve, Elaine, Chevy, Gilda, Chris, Tina, Jon, Jimmy, Jack, Joan, Phyllis…. but there are eleventy billion to choose from. And I’m so glad she stopped at seven!

  8. Here’s what I posted on Facebook after your first announcement about her being in labor and having the first kitten:

    So you know the naming theme now, right? Mama must be April, babies named Trick, Antic, Hoodwink, Tomfoolery, Prank, Stunt, Pun, Shenanigan, Farce, & Mischief… I ran out of synonyms for the other 65 kittens in there.

    • This is the theme that kept popping into my head: April and the Fools. It sounds kinda mean, though, to call those sweet babies “fools.”

      • The only problem with naming a cat Mischief is that he or she (in my case, she) will *definitely* try to live up to it!

    • This is what I like best, too. Comedians don’t really have anything to do with April Fool’s Day. Name mama April and the babies get the fool’s names. I love the names Laura came up with. I can’t think of any others to add, but she’s given you more than 7, so you’ll have some room to make choices. The comedian theme just doesn’t do it for me. It would be good for another time, but not for these special kittens born on April 1. 🙂

    • That would we hilarious! I also second (or whatever) the Mama being April!
      Then I suggest a play on the synonyms for hilarious/funny: Hilary (for hilarious); Blake{boy} (for lively); Chuck{boy} (for chuckle); Whoopi (for whoop); Zane{boy} (for zany); Tom {boy} (for tomfoolery); Josh {boy} (for joshing)

    • I love this idea for naming the family! Love naming Mama April AND a kitten named Shenanigan……..well – that is just the best name ever. Robyn – I know you aren’t a fan of April Fool’s – but please consider this theme.

      Whatever their names – I will love them from afar. 🙂

    • This is fabulous! April and the Fools…

      if you go with comedy names…Red (Skelton)…Freddie Prince…Mitch (Hedberg…for the socially awkward kitten)…

    • Oh I like this theme, too! And I’ll throw Hijinks out there, and you can shorten it to Jink (or Jinx, like my sweet tuxie boy!) 😀

      • I had a cat named Jinkies and it’s always been one of my favourite names (it was something Velma would exclaim in the Scooby Doo cartoons when I was a kid).

  9. Lucille or Lucy is the immediate name that popped into my head for mama… Robin Williams we just lost… Maybe a set of SNL folks like Chevy, Dana, Gilda… too early to think of more, but there are lots…

  10. Lucy (for Lucile Ball), Joan (for Joan Rivers), Phylis (Phillis Diller), Erma (Erma Bombeck),Eva Gabor (Green Acres) for boys; Jackie (for Jackie Gleason) Bob (for Bob Hope), Jim (for Jim Neighbors); Andy (for Andy Griffith); Eddie Albert (Green Acres)

    You could also go for a theme from an old comedy show if you find the right number of names all in one place and use names either of the actors or the parts they played. I have done a bit of both…oh and if you get a really wise-guy kitten there is always AGENT MAXWELL SMART you will know this kitten if you see him, ba, ha, ha…

  11. Awwww! Funny Ladies: Carol Burnett, Vicki Lewis, Gilda Radner, Sarah Silverman, Margaret Cho, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Jan Hooks, Kristen Wiig, Jane Curtain, Wanda Sykes, Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Louis-Dryfus, Melissa McCarthy, Phyllis Diller, Goldie Hawn, Aisha Tyler, Mindy Kaling, Rebel Wilson, Lily Tomlin, Rosie o’Donnell, and Jessica Williams.

    Oh! And Gracie Allen. You know you want an excuse to use “Goodnight, Gracie.”

  12. It was fun to be part of the process in a teensy tiny way by hitting the refresh button last night. I like the comedian theme. How about Kathleen (Madigan) and Jeanne (Robertson), two of my favorites. And let’s not forget Carol (Burnett).
    After so much bad news it is so great to have this happy event to share with our Crooked Acres “family.” Thanks for sharing your amazing life Robyn.

  13. Eeeeep seven kittens! 😀 Just to clarify, Ruth was a dilute calico, wasn’t she?

    *ponders names* Durante, Harris (as in Phil), I’d say Alice but you’ve already got one of those! 🙂 I’m rubbish with comedian names, and my tastes run to radio, which a couple people have already gotten to yay!

    • Another Fan of the Phil Harris and Alice Fay show, yay! If we are in radio then we could also have a Jack Benny themed show, but that would just not have enough names and only one female and there has just been a Mary. We could have a Parks and Recreations themed litter, if there are enough females?

      • Yes, another fan of Phil Harris and Alice Fay! I’m surprised anybody else knows that reference. Then again, most people are surprised *I* know it; let’s just say I missed the golden age of radio by about thirty-five years. 🙂

        Oh lord. I got to thinking about Jack Benny kitten names and now all I can think is this:
        Oh Roooooochester.
        Yeeeeees boss!
        What are you going to call these kiiiiiiittens?
        I’ve got no ideeeeeeea!


        • The wonder of internet radio! I got hooked on old comedy and detective stories when getting my first internet radio and I am not even American besides the age thing. It was a real revelation to hear the Jack Benny show for the first time.

  14. I was sooo excited when I saw your first Facebook post about the kittens! I said to my husband “the Alabama mama cat is having her kittens as we speak!” This morning before he left for work, I told him that she had 7 kittens and he asked if that was normal. I have zero experience with birthin babies…is it normal? Anyway, congratulations to that sweet mama! Wasn’t it nice of her to have them during the day instead of at 3am?!

    • It’s on the high side of normal, but still within normal range. Livia (who didn’t give birth here, but came to us a week later after she had) gave birth to 8 kittens, and 1 of them didn’t make it. I believe that the more litters they’ve had, the more kittens tend to be in the litter (though that doesn’t always hold true.)

      I am SO glad that I got to see the birthing as it happened rather than walking into the room to find her with a bunch of babies already!

  15. Oh, congratulations Mama and Crooked Acres!

    I second Phyllis or Lucille for Mama, and my adds would be (Dame) Edna, Vivian (Vance), Eric (Idle, or Cartman if you prefer!), John (Cleese) and Marilyn (Monroe, who had great comedic timing!).

  16. Lucille is an excellent momma name! What about … Farce, Whitt (I know, that’s not the correct spelling), Hilaria, Jest, Parody, Schtick, and Pratt (for pratfall)? Oh, who am I kidding, I got nothing! Sooooo happy for momma – Well Done!!!!!

    • Hilaria immediately makes me think of Alec Baldwin, because that’s his wife’s name.

      I’m a little disturbed by the fact that I know that. 🙂 (Also, that she’s a yoga instructor? Why do I know this??)

  17. awwww – newbies!!! mom followed along last night until she couldn’t but checked right away this morning to be sure she didn’t miss an 8th one (no such luck). they get bigger it is gonna be demolition derby in that foster room 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for the many Facebook updates last night! I’ve been obsessively checking FB for the last couple of weeks, due to some sad and worrying things that are affecting some friends – so it was nice to obsessively check it for a happy reason instead!

    I like April and the Fools, or the Jesters if that sounds better. Just sayin’.

  19. Terry suggests that you name one of them after Terry Fator, the ventriloquist/comedian in Las Vegas. Hee! 😉

  20. I know seven is a lot but I have expected eight or more.

    I mean Lucille was HUGE, but perhaps it’s the six cans of cat food a day.

    • I was really worried that there would be 8 or more, honestly. I was hoping for 4 or 5, but figured there HAD to be more than that in there!

  21. I think mamma should be named Mitzi. Mitzi Shore ran The Comedy Store starting in the 70s and mentored/supported whole generations of up-and-coming comedians. As for girl names, Joan (Rivers), Kathy (Griffin), Phyllis (Diller). Maybe you could go with last names!

  22. I didn’t think I was that old (only 50!), but comedian names made me think of the Ed Sullivan show. First name that came to mind was Shecky Greene! Do a search on the show and there are some great old names in there. Remember the mouse Topo Gigio! The Smothers brothers, Stiller & Meara

  23. I was commenting on one of the pic posts yesterday about how she was giving birth in April when FB decided to suggest Enchanted April and I thought what a great name for a litter (the Enchanted Aprils). The characters in the movie are Lottie Wilkins, Rose Arbuthnot, Caroline Dester, Mrs. Fisher (the mommy cat?), Mellersh Wilkins, Frederick Arbuthnot, George Briggs plus supporting characters like Jonathan, Patrick, Beppo, Domenico, Francesca and Costanza.

  24. Could you use funny female character names as well? Like Sophia, Rose, Blanche, (Dorothy was already used?)?

    Cho (Margaret), Whoopi, Fey, Betty, Barrymore, Sandra (Bullock), Rue (Machlanahan), Estelle (Getty), Bea.

    I love Psych, so for the boys I’d like to submit one of my favorite funny aliases for Gus…Ginger P. Buttersnaps (maybe funny aliases for a theme?).

    There’s also Murphy, Pryor, Carlin, Candy, Ferrell, Farley, Spade, and Gabriel.

    Sorry if some of these have been used before.

  25. I like the ideas that Paula , Laura F and Teughcats came up with. Synonyms etc for funny. I also like April and the Jesters. Mama looks like an April !!!

  26. I too favor April for Mama.
    And since my cat is Mama Mischief, I also like “Mischief” as one of the kittens names.

  27. I am loving April and the Fools. Shenanigan is the best name. Trick, Tomfoolery, Mischief and Giggles are awesome.

  28. Paula Poundstone, Carol Burnett, Vickie Lawrence, Betty White
    Or if you don’t want to go the comediene route, could always go with punny names like The Bloggess does, Ferris Mewler, Hunter S. Thomcat, Gloria Barker…(yeah the last one is a dog but it just cracks me up)Punny names for characters from comedies (movies or tv)? Call them the Punsters. (or Punstars)Or just punny names in general don’t have to be related to comedies: http://www.buzzfeed.com/nathanwpyle/literary-pun-names-for-your-cat#.fsgblxdV3Z …eg: Catniss Everclean, Harry Pawter, Emily Lickinson!, Doctor Mew, William Catner 😀 another good list here: http://www.wantmorepuppies.com/2013/08/22/150-punny-cat-names-and-counting/

  29. Awesome kitten variety pack! I don’t think anyone mentioned “Tig” yet (for Tig Notaro, female comic extraordinaire), but you could use it for a boy or a girl (and it sounds like it’s short for “Tigger” or “Tiger,” so it’s the perfect stripey-cat name!).

  30. Congratulations on the new arrivals. Not surprised there were so many, as Mama looked awfully big. Have only one naming suggestion if there are any boy-kitties…. Rickles (for Don Rickles).
    Hope the babies are all ok, but not worried. They couldn’t be in better hands.

  31. Billy Crystal. The thought of a little kitten named Billy Crystal makes me laugh. That could be a girl’s name as well.

    Boys: Don Rickles, Rodney Dangerfield, Louis CK (clearly for an orange one, lol), Eddie Murphy, Eddie Izzard, Jimmy Fallon, Sinbad, Lewis Black, George Carlin, Howie Mandel, bill murray,

    Girls: Tina Fey, Joan Rivers, Whitney Cummings, Amy Schumer, Rosie O’Donnell, Roseanne Bar, Chelsea Handler, Margaret Cho, Sarah Silverman, Phyllis Diller, carol burnett, gilda radner,

  32. Can’t wait to see all the cuties!

    But 7?! Poor girl, she’s going to be HANGRY.

  33. Loving the suggestions of April and the Fools – April would be a pretty name for her!!

    Also LOVE the updated pic of Peter, Paul & Mary…

  34. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to meet all those babies!

    As for names, I love Britcoms, so here are a few suggestions: Edina (Jennifer Saunders) & Patsy (Joanna Lumley) from “Absolutely Fabulous” (there’s also Saffron), Geraldine (Dawn French) from “Vicar of Dibley”, the gang from “Keeping Up Appearances” (Hyacinth, Daisy, Onslow, Emmet, etc), Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean and Edmund Blackadder) and, of course, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.

  35. So many awesome name suggestions! My thoughts:

    I really like the suggestions of “April and the Fools” with the humor/laughing names for the wee ones.

    For comedian names, it would be sweet to give tribute to Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. And Whoopi certainly would be a doubly appropriate April Fool’s name.

    For SNL names, how about the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players? Chevy, John, Dan, Garrett, Jane, Laraine, and Gilda. (Has it really been 40 years?!)

  36. Gilda, of course!


    Burnett (for Carol Burnett- maybe add an extra E and make it a more girly Burnette?), Vicky (Lawrence), Tim (Conway), Harvey (Korman)

    Liz Lemon!!!

  37. Seven kittehs AND Miz Poo! I’m looking forward to seeing what you name them. (Jerry,George,Kramer and Elaine; the Friends crew, the Walking Dead gang, etc.) 😀

  38. Of course she wanted to give birth on the bare floor of the crate, because why be comfy? COMFORT IS FOR WIMPS (ie, humans).

    I don’t know if this is a thing, but when I had a nursing mama she used to prefer to lie on the bare floor of the crate and would push aside any bedding I had put there, and my theory was that with so many kitten bodies, she was overheating and the floor was cooler. I can imagine the same thing happening to a mama in labor.

    • That’s a really good point! She was panting a little this afternoon – that room tends to get warm in the summer, so it was a little warm in there, but not overly so. BUT, she was in a crate, she was covered in kittens, and the crate was covered. I turned the ceiling fan on, which seemed to help, and if she seems warm tomorrow, I can uncover the crate for additional air flow.

  39. My very own kitty girl just reminded me that her name would fit right in with the theme too: Maude! (as in the Bea Arthur show)