3-30-20 Monday

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Just a reminder – there’s a bracelet (plus!) auction going on now through Sunday. Go check everything out, you’ll see a few familiar faces.

Click on the picture or click here to go to the album, scroll through the pictures and get to bidding. This auction benefits the fundraiser for the isolation kennels (we are getting so close!), and everything will be mailed out whether it’s going local or not.

(Yes, you’ll see a couple more reminders through this week. I don’t want anyone to miss out!)


Alejandro isn’t sure what to think about that crocheted Peep.

Carmelita’s a little poser.

Pablo’s face is cracking me UP. I think he was either mid-complaint or about to yawn.

Javier’s all “How YOU doin’?”

Alejandro explored the CatLady Box and found it acceptable.

Carmelita and Javier are giving me the “Seriously, lady?” eyes.

Diego finds me kiiinda fascinating.

One of my favorite things is when kittens are nursing and giving me this look.

“I will not hug this bear, lady.” Diego’s so mean.

I put Javier up there to take his picture, and Isabella came to see what was going on.

Pile o’ cute.


Alice Mo appreciates that the sun FINALLY came out for a few days, but has promised not to get too used to it.

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3-30-20 Monday — 6 Comments

  1. Pablo could be thinking-“Those are very cool lounge pants/jammies lady. Where do I get me some?”

  2. It looks as if the gray kittens will be fluffy or semi long haired. I cannot tell about the black ones. Your thoughts?