3-2-21 Tuesday

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The kittens have been named!

I think I mentioned that I’ve taken a look and think we have 2 boys and 3 girls. So say hello to…

#1 kitten: Uno, who is suspected to be a girl.
#2 kitten: Slapjack, suspected to be a boy
#3 kitten: Pinochle, suspected to be a boy
#4 kitten: Whist, suspected to be a girl
#5 kitten: Rummy, suspected to be a girl
#6 kitten: Fizzbin, suspected to be a girl

The funny thing is that I don’t really play cards, so except for a few games of Uno and Rummy (and none in recent memory), I haven’t played any of these games. And I would like to take credit for Fizzbin, but someone – possibly on Facebook, I unfortunately don’t remember who – suggested it, and it’s a good name so I went with it. It’s a reference to the original Star Trek. I wouldn’t say I’ve never watched the original Star Trek – my oldest brother was a fan, so I’m sure I saw a few – but I’m not super familiar with it. But like I said: good name!

So now my main goal is to remember which kitten is which before the nicknames set in… and you know they will!


I piled the kittens into this box so I could change out the pad in the bottom of the crate. They fit nicely!

Look at that happy little face. Awww.

Canasta did not approve of the kittens being anywhere other than the crate, even briefly, so she snatched up a kitten and carried it into the crate, so I put the others back immediately. (I always feel guilty when mamas take a kitten away from me.)

“I hope you learned your lesson, lady.”

“You needs to keep your hands to yourself.”

The kittens were none the worse for wear.

So freakin’ CUTE.

Bath time.

“Don’t forget about me, Mama!”

The sweetest family.

I swear I could just sit and watch them all day long.

Please note the sweet smile on her face.


Newt’s like “Canasta’s right… this IS more comfortable!”


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