3-2-11 – Alice, Alice, Alice

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Alice (who is most often called “The Princess” these days) was just hanging out on my desk with her tongue sticking out. Juuuust sitting there with it sticking out. We laughed and we snapped pictures, and she just sat there, all “Yes, my tongue is sticking out. What of it?” for the longest time.

Then, the very next day I was checking my email and looked over at her to find that she was sleeping with her tongue sticking out.

I particularly like the fangs.

Such a funny little monkey, this one.

Note how little room she’s taking up in that bed. Plenty of room for another cat, don’t you think?

I love the tiny beauty mark near her mouth.

I still can’t believe she can get on top of the dryer. Reacher, twice her size, had a hard time getting up there! She’s got springs on the bottoms of her feet, I think.

She was watching Fred fill the bird feeders. She spends a lot of time watching the birds, too. See that black spot in the middle of her orange tabby patch on her head? I tell her that’s where an angel kissed her.

Yeah, that Alice. I SUPPOSE we like her just a little bit. Good thing Fred twisted my arm and forced me to adopt her, isn’t it?

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Looky looky what I found on the memory stick of my point-and-shoot camera – a short video of Miz Poo and (most of) the Brady Bunch.

(Really, I discover new things on the memory sticks in my computers pretty regularly. I need to get a little more organized. One of these days.)

YouTube link

I like how, aside from Jan Brady, none of the cats are excited enough to actually get up and JUMP for the teaser toy.


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3-2-11 – Alice, Alice, Alice — 9 Comments

  1. Teaser toy – that’s because they are learning from Miz Poo! 🙂

    The black spot on Alice, I would call her On/Off button! 🙂

  2. Well, that Alice is just such a cutie! And I have to tell you, Trixie, our little babycat, can jump on our dresser from the floor, and that is higher than a dryer usually is. And the other, bigger cats, well, not only do they not do it from the floor, but they have a hard time doing it from the bed. So Alice making the dryer doesn’t surprise me at all. I think that it is the small size that is an advantage (less weight to try and get up there)

    And that video is great – my cats are like that sometimes. Well, all but Kirzon, who bolts whenever we take a toy like that out (he hates them for some reason).

  3. Awwwwww beautiful and sweet Miss Princess Alice!!!! What a cutie – so kissed by an angel!!! Her little pink tongue is just too adorable!! Yay!!

    And I agree – there is ALWAYS room for one more kitty! LOL!!!!

    Awww love the Miz Poo and Brady Bunch clip!! Take care

  4. LOL Alice! I grew up with a sweet cross-eyed Siamese that would sit with her tongue sticking out all the time. It was always hysterical.

  5. How funny about The Princess and her tongue. I have a long-haired torbie who sticks her tongue out that little bit when I’m brushing her tummy. But not any other time that I’ve noticed. And as much as I love on her, I think I would have noticed. It’s really soooo cute!

  6. Both of mine will do the tongue thing – it’s a sign they are very relaxed and happy! And lookit Miz Poo playing with the kittens… not so tough is she?

  7. I adore little pink tongues peeking out. No one in the Casa does that regularly. And, *sniff*, beauty marks… my very first cat, Puddy, had the sweetest little mark, just about where Alice’s is!

  8. Tiny cats ARE extra good at jumping to all kinds of odd places! We have one here who’s tiny, a demanding diva (ring a bell?), very sweet with us but a terror if the others get in her way.. I can’t wait to see if little Alice will turn out to be the next contender for BossCat in Chief!