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Like I say to Fred, every single day, how could you possibly see that face and not think he’s the MOST gorgeous boy in all the land?


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3-3-11 — 10 Comments

  1. Oh I’d fly over there and take him asap if only I could!! He’s adorable!!!! Take care

  2. Utterly ridiculously beautiful.

    I think while you’re still recovering, maybe have readers send in pictures of their own “most beautiful cat in the world”, and then put them in a post(or they just post in comments, so it won’t be too much work) and watch as the reader’s brain explode from the beauty(and then cats really would have taken over the world). 😀

  3. Robyn, are you hinting at a status change for Corbie? Yesterday there was room in the bed for another cat to snuggle with Alice. Today you mention telling Fred how gorgeous he is EVERY DAY.