3-2-20 Monday

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JUST A REMINDER that you can NOW enter to win THIS gorgeous quilt!

Note: if you enter via PayPal, PLEASE be sure to note that it’s for the quilt raffle. If you can’t find the field to leave a note, please message the page to let us know, we want to make sure we’ve got you entered!

$5 earns you ONE entry in the drawing (and you can enter as many times as you’d like). Send money to PayPal via forgottenfelineshsv (at) yahoo.com (PLEASE use the “Friends and Family” option so that PayPal doesn’t charge a fee) or if you’re local here in Huntsville, Alabama, you can go to PetSmart on University Dr or Jones Valley during adoption hours (list below) to pay in person (exact change or checks accepted). Go to the page to see more information, more pictures of the quilt, and details of what the money raised is going for. You’ve got until Saturday (March 7th) at 4 pm CENTRAL TIME to enter. (You don’t have to be local to win – we WILL ship the quilt to the winner!)

Adoption hours at PetSmart University (6275 University Dr NW #35, Huntsville, AL 35806)
Tuesday March 3rd – 6:30 – 8:30 pm.
Saturday March 7th – Noon – 4 pm.

Adoption hours at PetSmart Jones Valley (2750 Carl T Jones Dr SE, Huntsville, AL 35802)
Friday March 6th – 5:30 – 9 pm.
Saturday March 7th – Noon – 4 pm.


I can’t EVEN with Diego’s serious little face.

And Alejandro’s inquisitive little face.

I’m not sure what Pablo sees on the wall of the crate, but it doesn’t appear to meet his exacting standards. Please admire those Ears of Annoyance.

Alejandro (in my lap) stretches out and gets comfy.

Alejandro all “Where DID that milk bar go?!”

“I don’t NEED a bath, Mama!”

Carmelita is such a little poser.

Alejandro’s all “What? I like to be comfy!”

Pablo (left) and Alejandro are having an important discussion.

Look at Carmelita bright eyes back there, keeping an eye on me.

At this point, the only kittens who haven’t escaped the crate at one point or another are Diego and Javier. I was VERY surprised to see Pablo kind of stumble out of the crate on Sunday, and Carmelita has been out once or twice. At this point, Alejandro doesn’t even hesitate to stomp on out (and, fortunately, he can get back into the crate on his own, too. He’s in the crate more than he’s out, probably because it’s kind of boring out there on his own.) I imagine that once Diego and Javier decide that life outside the crate has some interest to them, they’ll all be out more than in. It’ll be MADNESS (and I can’t wait.)


Newt, with attitude. (This was during our very short fostering break. Newt LOVES the foster room… when there are no fosters in there.)


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    • OMG, now I have this vision of Pablo keeping his eyes closed, and, with one paw outstretched, trying to do Yoda magic to that red wall πŸ™‚