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(Sorry this is publishing late, I wrote it and saved it, but failed to schedule it to post! ARGH, MONDAYS!)

Peter, keeping a close eye on me.

They’re pretty obsessed with my slippers, those two.

Paul’s balancing act (actually, he was in mid-leap from the edge of the basket to that pillow.)

Peter in mid-leap, with Paul supervising.

Her eyes very nearly match her fur color.


And leaping after Peter.

His crazy eyes crack me UP.

While Paul works on chewing that plastic ring to bits (he was unsuccessful), Peter reflects on how the housekeeping in these parts is just shoddy. Leaving those mirrors all speckled and smudged is just shameful. You can’t get good help these days!

Close your mouth, son, the food’s falling out!

That Open Mouth of Outrage is ALL BUSINESS.

Now it’s Peter’s turn to be Outraged.


Videos! First, the kitten meet the Hexbug Nano cat toy, and it kinda freaks ’em out.

YouTube link.

And in the second video, it’s mostly just wee Paul being adorable. Peter and Mary show up at the end.

YouTube link.


Newt, in his favorite bed – the self-heating bed on the dining room table. Every now and then, I think we should just move the table out of that room and store it in the garage (we never use it, and we rarely have guests), but then I wonder where on earth we’d put the cat beds.

And here’s a 46-second video of Newt kneading. And kneading. And kneading some more. He’s a goofball, that one.

YouTube link.


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3-2-15 — 14 Comments

    • Ditto. And these kittens are just so healthy looking — and acting — a joy to follow!

    • Ditto…. cuz you know having that back paw up in the air makes kneading SO much more pleasant!! lol. Great videos Robyn

  1. Aww… The kittens’ faces have the most adorable ‘I am both highly intrigued and terrified’ expressions in the Hexbug vid.

  2. Those levitating kittens pictures are the best. Especially the one of Mary in full flight with her leg stretched out charging after Peter just cracks me up, but it is also a legitimately great picture. I got my 16 year old cat a nano hexbug and she really enjoys stalking it and swatting at it. Though I am probably the one getting more exercise out of it by always getting it out tight corners and searching for it under the furniture.

  3. OMG Newt with his paw up – so flipping funny!

    I also love how every time I finish watching a kitten video and the screen changes to what You Tube thinks are “related videos” from the one just finished that I end up with a collage of Peter, Paul and Mary concert videos and then I end up humming along to Puff the Magic Dragon :))))

  4. Oh, the purrs! Newt’s contentment just comes right through the screen. And the kittens…oh, how I love talky babies.

  5. IT BURNS!! oh goodness.. I might just have to take a break from checking your blog till I get my own kittens because these three.. goodness they are cute

  6. actually… what will happen if you kept ALL the cats bed and left just TWO, say on the kitchen table…

    ok.. maybe for just a morning? heehee