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Paul is having deep, deep thoughts.

And Peter has gotten hold of his favorite packing strap. They love that thing!

The way Peter’s holding that thing, it looks like a slot machine lever. He’s hoping for a chicken baby food jackpot!

Chasing the giant mylar ball.

Her face is cracking me up.

Peter got a little bit of the pink fuzz from that toy in his teeth, and didn’t appreciate me pulling it out of his mouth. I am NO FUN.

Mary, just strollin’ along.

Suddenly, she has an Ears of Annoyance moment.

She veers over to grab Peter and tell him what’s what.

And he’s all “What’s what THIS, sister!”

Then he goes after the tail. They always eventually go after the tail, don’t they?

Peter the Pretty.


Videos! In the first, Peter gets all up close and personal (listen closely at the end for his purr.)

YouTube link.

And in the second, the kittens are playing and checking out the Cat Selfie App on my iPad. The beginning of the second section is blurry, but you can see Mary boinging in the background, so I left it in.

YouTube link.


Maxi, giving me the flat, dead Tony Sopranos eyes of “I will kill you for this.” (It’s kind of hard to see, but she’s got a witch’s hat on her head, and she was not fond of this turn of events.)


If you checked out the Love & Hisses Facebook page yesterday, you’ve already seen this first picture, but I’m still so amazed that I have to share it here, too!

Jake was sleeping on the couch (there’s an electric throw on the couch, and over that is the waterproof pad you see. Also, there are a couple of throw pillows under the electric throw), and Alice climbed up onto the couch and snuggled right up to him. When I saw that, I had to run for my phone to take a picture (Jake hates the camera, but is okay with the phone, even though the phone makes a noise when it snaps a picture. Silly Jake.)

I went back an hour later, and not only were they still snuggled up, but Jake had one leg thrown over Alice.

They stayed like that for another hour or so, and then Alice wandered off.

This is AMAZING, because Alice usually has no use for other cats. She and Tommy will occasionally share the same general space (usually they sit on or next to Fred at night when we watch TV), but I’ve never seen Alice actually seek out the company of another cat.

Maybe she’s mellowing as she gets older – I was thinking she’s only 3, but when I checked her date of birth, I realized that she’ll be five in June! Can you believe it? (You can read the first post about her from January 2011, here. We thought she was about 10 weeks old, but as it turned out, she was more like 6 MONTHS old. Knowing that now, I think she must have been around people before she showed up here. I sure would like to know what her story is! If only cats could talk.


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3-3-15 — 6 Comments

  1. It’s amazing how healthy and beautiful Alice looks compared to the scared kitten when you found her. Can’t believe it’s been FIVE years almost.

    Loving the kitteh pictures and videos!

  2. Heh, everybody loves Tommy and Jake. How could anyone, especially the ladies, resist those two gentlemen?

  3. “chicken baby food jackpot”!!! Haha — now that is an unexpected and wonderful set of words ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    A remarkable Alice and Jake moment indeed, and the babies are — of course — totally adorable!

  4. I expect that picture of Maxi to reappear at Halloween with an appropriately snappy caption! ๐Ÿ˜€