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In case you missed it, there was a post on Saturday with great updates and pictures of former fosters Brolo, Lilybet, and Reacher! And make sure you check the comments – Kathy (Reacher’s mom) included links in the comments to pictures of Reacher snuggling with his brother, Beau!

Also, speaking of former foster updates, there are some videos on the Challenger’s House Facebook page of Khaleesi being her sweet, goofy self.


On Friday, I went to Petsmart to pick up a couple of kittens to be on the news. I had no idea at all who I’d be bringing with me, only that it wasn’t going to be Tricki (who would not have dealt well with that at all). I was running a little later than I’d wanted to be, so I walked into the cat room, grabbed the first kittens who greeted me, put them in harnesses and then into carriers, and left.

Those two kittens happened to be Dakota and Denver (who, in case you’re confused, were not my fosters – I could have brought a couple of the Players, but preferred to feature kittens who were actually already at Petsmart). When I got to the studio, I let them out of their carriers, and you have never seen two LESS frightened kittens in your life. Dakota came out of his carrier, walked over to a pile of cables, and flopped down on them. They were seriously cute.

Here they are on the set with Bev and Walt from the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic, and Meredith Wood, the anchor from WAAY-31. Bev is holding Denver, and Walt has Dakota.

I made a special point, before I left the house, of putting my camera in my purse. When I got to the studio, how THRILLED was I to find out that there was no memory stick in the camera? Grrr! I got these pictures using my phone, thus the reason they’re not the greatest.

Denver was all about chewing on Bev’s hair.

They did great on the news (I’d provide a link to the segment, but I can’t seem to find it on the WAAY website!), and I had them back at Petsmart before adoption hours began. And a good thing, too – they were adopted Friday night, together!


Angelo is just the sweetest thing. THE. SWEETEST.

Maria looks on while Mariette gets all crazy-eyed and bitey with one of the toys.

Hey. I didn’t know that Furminator made a toothbrush! (I’m sure they didn’t know, either.)

Brush-a, brush-a!

Dennis on the left, Angelo on the right. Don’t they have pretty markings?

Sweet Maria. I was talking to her, and she was kneading in response.

More teeth-brushin’ with the Furminator. I had gotten it out because I wanted to try brushing them. Angelo and Ferdinand let me brush them briefly, but they were all more interested in chewing on it. I finally decided that couldn’t be good for their teeth, and put it away.

The Ears of Slurp-noyance.

Silly boy.


Oh, Stefan.

If only you could find a way to relax.

Rough life, I know.


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3-3-14 — 22 Comments

  1. Poor Stefan! How does he cope with the chaos and overwhelming stress that is his life?

  2. Poor poor Stephan… You can really see how much he hates being forced to be indoors now! Poor dear, he must miss the outdoors so very much to be that stressed! MOL!
    Furminator tooth brush! I can’t even get mine to sit still for coat brushing with a Furminator!

    • Yeah, most of our cats don’t care for being brushed – Elwood was really good about it, though. Miz Poo will let me do it, but everyone else runs from it!

      • Ha! All I have to do it tap the brush on the floor and my THREE come running and each pushes their way in to be first! I am truly blessed!!!! πŸ™‚ ENVY ME!!!!

  3. You DID NOT get me this time… already had some coffee (yes, running late on the snowy Monday morning) when I read “Went to Petsmart to pick up a couple of kittens….” I read the whole sentence… no premature “More Kittens!!!!!!!!!” πŸ™‚ The Ears of Slurp-noyance seem to be saying, “Where is that toothbrush? I still have a popcorn kernal. Right. Back. Here.” And, OH STEFAN! I am soooooooo glad he (and you) has/have made Crooked Acres his home! I just wanna pick him up and hold him like a baby on my shoulder (and then quickly get in my car and drive away with him!) hehe! Happy Monday! have a great week.

  4. Did you get the idea that the news anchor was less than enthralled with the kittens? She looks like she’s disgusted in that first picture! So glad those babies put on a good show and got adopted.

    • She gives them very serious side-eye, but that has probably more to do with their potential to unleash mayhem on a TV studio.

    • No, she thought they were adorable – I think she was trying to make sure she remembered their names, and I caught her at a bad moment. πŸ™‚

  5. Love foster updates, adoption good news, weekend posts, and oh, yes, Stefan needs to relax a bit more, I think!!
    The Furminator is NOT our cats’ favorite brush, neither of them likes to be brushed much at all, biting the brush is always fun. Sure love how it gets so much hair out in shedding season (when ISN’T it??) tho.
    Have to wonder if the TV host is cat-phobic.

    • She’s more a dog person than a cat person, but she thought they were adorable (and they were being extra charming!)

  6. You got the names reversed – Denver is the orange tabby boy and Dakota is the brown tabby girl. But I’m sure they didn’t mind. Good news for them – they were adopted again together Friday night!

  7. Do you think the adopters saw Dakota and Denver on TV and that’s why they were adopted so quickly after their minute or two of fame?

    • It’s possible – some people were looking at them Thursday night and decided to think about it. I’m not sure if the people on Friday night were the same people or not!