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My parents are visiting with their sweet little dog, Molly. I haven’t gotten pictures of her yet, but here she is from last year:

The cats are less than thrilled with this new turn of events – but except for Stefan, they were all HERE last year, so they should remember how this goes. Tommy was the first one to decide that he wasn’t skeered of no dog, and though he didn’t really approach Molly last night, he was out and about. Alice spent most of the evening hiding under the quilt on Fred’s bed, and the rest of the cats scattered to high-up places and under the couch and recliners. I’m sure they’ll relax eventually (or not), but ONE DAY I’ll get a picture of a cat snuggling with Molly. (Or not!)


Pretty girl Maria.

Mariette always looks so SERIOUS, but she is just the sweetest girl.

Angelo, with attitude.


Hallo, gorgeous.

All six Players, present and accounted for!

Ferdinand and Mariette.

Orlando. I swear, those ears are growing larger by the moment.

All six again.

Like Maria, Orlando also has a chin strap to hold those humongous ears on. His straps don’t quite meet in the middle, though.


Miz Poo, the sweetest girl in the world.


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3-4-14 — 23 Comments

  1. Orlando’s chin strap used to meet in the middle but them there ears got so big that the strap broke!

    For the briefest moment, I thought it was Corbie in the picture instead of Dennis.

  2. One of these days, the fan is going to lift up Orlando like Sally Fields in the Flying Nun.

    We like you, we really like you.

    I bet Marriette’s the kind of kitten that you can hold against your shoulder and she’d just sit there and purr and purr and purr.

  3. I saw over on FB about the felted kitty cave – totally cute! Yes, that is really expensive but I do want to say that it does take anywhere from 6 – 8 hours (or possibly longer) to make one of those and it’s not the kind of thing where you spend 15 minutes and walk away for 3 hours. (I still agree though that $80 is too expensive for a kitty cave.)

    Love the babies – they look like they’re enjoying the sunshine.

    Have a wonderful visit with your parents!

  4. This morning my 8 month old bottle-fed baby, Wesley, was particularly annoying to me and the two old lady cats in the house. He plays too much, not with his numerous toys but with anything left on the counter. He plays too rough. He’s better, but he still bites. When I saw Molly’s picture I thought, “maybe a dog would appreciate that kind of play.” I can’t convince myself I really need a dog just to keep the crazy kitten occupied, but wow! some of the desperate things I come up with!

  5. Good luck with the getting a kitten to snuggle thing. Our Cocker Spaniel Ruby and our tortie Elphaba arrived two months apart six years ago. Elphaba was a tiny kitten and Ruby was 1 1/2 a rescue mama of two pups who had been adopted. They would lay in the same dog bed and chase each other but never snuggle. As time went on they liked each other less. Enter Scrappy Doo our one year old terrier mix shelter dog last August. He chased Elph a lot at first but now they are friends. They play hide and seek and she swats him and they even lie near each other on the couch sometimes or hang out in the bay window watching the action. But snuggle? Nope, not happening. I think she was bored and sees him as a pleasant diversion. Ruby is not all that playful. She is rather aloof and acts the most like a cat. Weird.