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To answer the questions in yesterday’s comments: yes, I’m sure we can have a Molly day here on Love & Hisses (hopefully I’ll get some good pictures today; Molly day might have to wait ’til next week, though!), and Stefan’s impression of Molly was the same as the rest of the cats’ impressions: “DO. NOT. LIKE.” He kept coming inside, glimpsing Molly off in the distance, and asking immediately to go back outside.

As my parents and I determined, there’s no way on earth you’d EVER guess there are 12 cats in residence here. You’d think we had MAYBE four cats – Tommy was only freaked out by Molly’s presence for a couple of hours; when I went to bed Monday night, Tommy was laying on the back of the couch mere feet from Molly. Sugarbutt took about a day to start coming around my parents (as long as Molly wasn’t right there), and Miz Poo was pretty much glimpsed at a distance, glaring in Molly’s direction.


Orlando would like you to know that when that strange lady (my mother) walked into the foster room, he did NOT go skulking into the closet. At all. AT ALL. He just had places to be!

Maria would like you to know that she had to be the same place Orlando had to be. They had a very important appointment!

Ferdinand was the last one to run off, because he’s NOT SKEERED OF NO STRANGERS.

Dennis had a bath to take. In the closet. Behind the litter box. As you do.


Orlando wished he really could flap those ears and fly away.

“Is she gone?”

“See how relaxed I am?”

Time for a sun bath.

Or maybe time for a sun NAP.

Shaved spotted belly. Cutest thing ever!

Mariette thinks you’re funny.


Pretty boy.


Or not!


Suggie has his Ham-mick and his catnip nanner, so he’s good.


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3-5-14 — 11 Comments

  1. Hump… DAY!!! (okay, I did do (try) the camel’s voice on that!) Molly is a cutie – can’t wait to see ‘HER Day’! Hoping you’re having good weather for your parent’s visit and ENJOYING!!! It is Dennis’s little round face that just melts me! And, the picture of the Sun NAP picture… I honestly think I heard, “Dude, shuddup and lay back down, your ears are blocking my sun.” Have a GREAT DAY!

  2. I know you said it before, but wow, those long lean kittens with the triangle heads and huge ears.. gotta be some oriental or siamese in them! Are they talkers like siamese?
    Oh my gosh, that first picture of Maria, you can see her chin strap seriously holding her ears on, lol! Too cute!

    • They actually aren’t talkers at all – occasionally Ferdinand will get frustrated and meow at me if I don’t sit down fast enough, and occasionally I hear Mariette’s voice (they both have husky little voices), but I don’t think I’ve even heard the other kittens’ voices.

  3. Sugarbutt and his catnip ‘nanner, lol. Murphy and Hannah have one that they lick to DEATH (and then bunny-kick the SH*T out of). There’s nothing like stepping on a wet, drool-y cat toy in your socks!

  4. poor Molly – no body loves her.

    Funny how the most well adjusted kittens see a stranger in their room and get all weird about it. ๐Ÿ™‚