The pigs are doing well. Fred took down the hog panels on Sunday so they could have access to their entire pig yard (you keep them in a small area at first so they know where “home” is, apparently) and they haven’t gone too far from their shelter. Yesterday morning I saw neither hide nor hair of them until after 9. They came out, rooted around and ate for a while. When I went out there at 10:30, they’d gone back into the shelter for a nap.

It’s a rough life, I’m telling you.

I took them some leftover salad, grapes, carrots, and a bagel and put it in their food… dish. Trough, I guess? I spoke and called to them, and eventually the little one lifted his head up, sniffed, and said “We are napping, go away pls.” and burrowed back under the straw.


For dinner we had Fred’s favorite meal of all time – scrambled eggs and homefries (cubed potatoes and onions, potatoes precooked in the microwave for 5 minutes before being cooked in a pan) – and because I’m no dummy I made extra homefries, and after dinner we made the rounds, gave the Girlz some leftover scrambled eggs, and took the rest of the leftovers out to the pigs.

Earlier, when he’d gotten home from work, Fred had convinced the little one to take a bagel out of his hand, so he tried to get him to take an english muffin out of his hand, but I think having both of us right there made them nervous, so we gave up on that and just dumped the leftover scrambled eggs and homefries in their food bowl. I can report that the leftovers were a big, big hit with the pigs. They both bellied right up and ate every last bit we’d given them.

These pigs are probably going to be the happiest, most well-fed pigs in the area.


Miz Poo in the sun.


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