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First things first: Kennebec/Lunk was adopted Thursday night! So HA HA HA to those of you who swore he’d be coming back here (yeah, I know, just wait!)

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You remember Kohle, I trust, who was here with us for a month in November/ December along with the ‘Maters boys. Well, we’ve got an update – and a picture! – from his mama.

I just got home from PetSmart where I got to see some sweet babies. I sure wish I had room for another black kitty because there are some beauties there now!

Anyway, I just wanted to update you on Kohle. Well, Flynn now. Kohle just wasn’t working for us so I changed it after a couple of weeks. To be honest he doesn’t answer to Flynn much either but comes when I call baby so I guess he’s decided he likes being my big baby! I took him to the vet two weeks ago for them to clip his claws. He sat still for them but when I tried you would think I was killing him! They weighed him and he is a whopping 10.5 lbs! He is completely spoiled and gets everything he wants. Just thought I would send an update. I can’t wait to see the kitties that your current mama cat has. She is gorgeous! This picture was of Flynn watching the snow fall earlier today!

Β©Selena W.

Check out that sweet boy. I sure do love foster updates! (Rumor has it we’ll be seeing pics of Mr. Stripey and Sungold later this week, yay!)

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Nope, no babies yet. I’m SO relieved, because I was sure she’d have them while I was gone. Now, as far as I’m concerned, she can have them any time – the sooner, the better.

“Um, still baking, lady. NONE of us want underdone kittens!”

She loves a good belly rub – though if I stop rubbing so I can feel if there’s movement, she gets annoyed and moves away from me.

Oh, such a purty mama.

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I love it when Newt is sleeping hard and the tip of his tongue is sticking out. Silly boy.


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3-4-13 — 26 Comments

  1. Hooray for the Kennebec/Lunk adoption!
    Now, what’s going on with gorgeous little Baby Beans? Why has that little sweetie not been adopted?
    I am hoping his people find him soon!

    • He’s still there – he seems to be relaxing a bit. When I was dropping off Batman and Robin last week, the Tuesday morning cleaner came in and actually HELD Baby Beans. I was so shocked I just stood there and stared!

      • That is good. I know, the fearful ones just get overlooked. It seems that people just don’t understand that all they need is a safe home environment and a little bit of time and love. Then…they just blossom!!!

  2. Congrats on Lunk’s adoption… & Mist too. Great news.
    Another cute thing about sleeping cats is that their back paws will curl under. That’s how I tell how deep asleep they are. Mine only do it when they’re really ‘out’.

  3. Oh my stars – what a beautiful mama!!! Awwww!!

    So happy for Flynn!! Excellent! take care

  4. Oh, mama Kate – you bake those babies as long as you need to. We don’t want any babies to have any problems ’cause they weren’t baked long enough. You’re such a beauty.

  5. I’ve been wanting to report back on my big cat and say a gigantic THANK YOU to whomever it was that mentioned that mold could be the source of his problems. Long story short, we discovered a source of mold that the big cat was getting into. Within one week of removing it, he was 80% better. He is now about 95% better, and my vet swears she never would have even THOUGHT of mold, so she’ll be checking other cats with perplexing symptoms from now on.

    I now have a public service announcement to make for any readers living in cold climates. Our indoor kitten got frostbite on Friday night/Saturday morning by sleeping pressed up against a window. She is lucky to have escaped with only the skin on one paw missing. She’s going to be fine and is currently limping around with a huge leg cast on, but we had no idea that a window could cause frostbite like this. So if you have cats in a cold climate, insulate your windows, or keep your cats away on cold nights!

  6. I bust out laughing at “underdone babies.” I just love the way you write, Robyn, because you come up with some of the funniest things. I can’t tell you how many times I bust out laughing.

    BTW, Sara L. over on LH’s FB page has already mentioned this, but for anyone who has to have a kitten-fix and can’t wait for Katie’s baking to be done, head over to this live cam: http://new.livestream.com/FosterKittenCam/TheCosmoFosters

    I’ve been watching this guy fostering litters of kittens since last summer. This litter will be my third. I keep a screen open almost all the time and check on them periodically throughout the day. They are a great distraction (well, sometimes TOO much of a distraction and I don’t get work done….) One of the viewers has put up a great FAQs too that’s a pretty entertaining read; it’s here https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1DNA7ie0Jh5KjIQ0eg860jpJFEOA7lep3xdwbAgXhd9o

    And…. while I’m loading up on links here anyway, let me throw another in here to a cool report about a medieval texts scholar who found inky kitty paw prints on one of the ancient manuscripts he was studying. I posted it on my business FB page (top entry at the moment) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pet-Protector-nontoxic-chemical-free-flea-tick-repellent/265347250258840?ref=hl
    The cat video just below it is pretty funny too.

    OK, I’m just procrastinating now so let me try to get back to work now…

  7. the kitten formerly known as Kohle is beautiful. So glad that he’s got a great mama/human servant and love how he comes when he wants.

    Kate’s eyes are just amazing.

  8. Yay for Lunk!!
    Kohle/Flynn/Baby is growing up so cute! What a sweetie!
    How long you gonna bake them babies? Come on.. we can’t wait!! Whine whine whine! She sure is a pretty momma, with big bright round eyes!
    Tongue of Newt? Just exactly what are you cooking up around there???

  9. No underdone biscuits or babies, please. That should be someone’s motto (don’t know who exactly, but someone’s!). Yippee for Kennebec and Kohle/Flynn too!

  10. Yay for Lunk! Yay for Kohle/Flynn! Yay for Newt’s tongue! And yay for Mama Kate if she would just have those babies!

  11. Mama Kate looks a great deal like my late beloved Cleo my favorite pet of all time. I can’t wait to see her babies!

    Loved the Kohle/Flynn update. What a handsome guy he has grown up to be. Can you tell I adore black cats?

  12. So happy to see the update on Kohle. He waited so long, as did his buddy Chaucer, and I’m so glad both boys have good homes now.