3-2-17 Thursday

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The story I am about to tell you (which I didn’t witness myself – Fred told me about it) involves the following cats.

Franklin Beans. (Aka: Frankie)


Dewber Dewber Dew. (Aka: Dewey)


And that troublemaker known as Stefan.


They were upstairs the other night, milling around in Fred’s bedroom as they do every night at bedtime. Fred always reads for a while before turning out the light, and the cats – especially Dewey and Frankie – like to join him. They run around, play, then get some petting before he tosses them out for the night.

(I will add here that PERHAPS a big part of the reason they like to join him is because when he decides it’s bedtime, he lures them out of his room using treats. I mean, I’m sure they LIKE him and all, but the treats certainly can’t hurt.)

So Frankie was hanging out in the top of the pagoda cat tree and Dewey was running around being a dork, when Stefan wandered into the room.

Dewey bounded over to Stefan to play, and Stefan responded by flipping Dewey onto his back and gnawing on him like he was a chicken wing. Dewey started flailing and wailing to be let up. This is a normal part of their play time – I’d be more worried about it except that Dewey’s immediate response once he’s let up, is always to jump on Stefan for another round. Clearly it doesn’t bother him TOO much.

This time, however, Frankie was present. And at the first sound of his little buddy’s cries, Frankie FLEW out of the condo, ran across the floor, and gave Stefan the ol’ whappity-whap-whap. Stefan released Dewey and stood back, squinting under the unexpected onslaught of whapping paws. Then he beat a hasty retreat downstairs.

I guess that’ll teach Stefan to watch his step!

(No it won’t.)


Sometimes when we go out to walk around the back forty, Kara asks if she can be released from the back forty and walk with us. We let her out of the back yard, and she runs ahead, climbs the fence post, and waits for us.

“Hurry UP!”

(I’d have pictures of her among the chickens, but she actually finds them a bit daunting and prefers to avoid them.)


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3-2-17 Thursday — 22 Comments

  1. Awwwww……. Frankie came to the rescue of his little bro, such a sweet, brave and caring Big Brother <3 <3 <3

  2. Awwwww, Frankie and his ‘stick with me, kid – I gotcher back’!!! Cool, unsuspecting Stefan… he may think twice the next time… (no he won’t) LOL!

    Are ya’ll safe and out of the storms? We went through the exact same thing Tuesday evening and overnight (I’m most scared of storms when it’s dark). We fared well, not so much about an hour south – Perryville, MO.

    Question – do any of your cats exhibit any sensitivities to severe weather or storms? I have one that spent Tuesday evening – even before it got bad – meowing loudly and skittering while crouched low to the floor… which only FREAKED ME OUT! Just wondering.

    Spring has sprung early in the Midwest… my forsythia has already bloomed, my lilac has buds on it, the daffodil greenery is up and our first round of severe weather…. all prior to March 1. grrrrrrrr!

    • We got a lot of stern warnings from the local weather people, a lot of rain, about 2 minutes of hail, and that was it. The wind wasn’t even that bad!

      I fear that with a winter as mild as we had, we are going to have a hellacious summer!

  3. Oh man, that’s funny! Although I think Frankie’s got a great big ol’ atomic wedgie coming his way courtesy of his big brother Stefan for showing him up like that.

    I’d say that Franklin Beans is well on his way to being a 100% healthy boy again. πŸ™‚

  4. I can totally picture Stefan’s blinking…”whuuuuu????”

    also, about backing up your pictures, did you know there is a setting on the Flickr app that auto uploads the pictures on your phone to a private folder? I just discovered it last week.

  5. Aww big brudder Frankie to the rescue with the ol’ whappity whap! πŸ˜€

    Tuxie does the same thing with the baby (who will be 5 next week!) Sabrina. If Trixie gets all hissy with Sabrina, Tuxie will run right over and get in Trixie’s face! They are definitely a bonded pair. But poor Trixie may or may not get support from her big brofur Jinx when Tuxie picks on her. Sometimes Jinx will come to her defense, then other times he jumps in and whaps her, too, if she is being especially hissy pissy!

  6. His full name should be Franklin Beans Esq. OMG – how hilarious that he defends Dewey like that. Maybe he needs to be deputized by the Sheriff.

  7. I really enjoyed the word pictures of this story… especially the “Stefan responded by flipping Dewey onto his back and gnawing on him like he was a chicken wing.” Hysterical!

  8. Am I the only one who can picture this perfectly along with what the cats voices would sound like if they actually spoke English ?

    Cats are the best entertainment around !!

  9. Frankie does not tolerate bullies. So love him.

    Poor Stefan, he was just playing but that bratty little brother got him in trouble. I swear, Jake-Dewey-Frankie-Stefan are the new Baldwin brothers of Crooked Acres. Kooky, weird and on different planes of existence.

  10. New favorite term of art: the ol’ whappity-whap-whap. Brilliantly funny as always, Robyn!

  11. Ollie used to keep the peace in our house. Whenever there was a scuffle he would trot right over and give whappy paw to the cat that didn’t stop.