3-1-17 Wednesday

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It’s March 1st, and if you bought an Anderson Kitties calendar, you will see that this month’s calendar boy is…


And the foster calendar picture for March is…

Regina Phalange and Art Vandelay

Happy March! Let’s get into spring without any tornadoes in this area, if you don’t mind (and safe weather for the rest of you, too!)


After yesterday’s picture of Newt and Stefan side by side, I managed to get Stefan and Frankie side by side.

It’s not the best picture (it was overcast out, and I was using my phone), but you can see that Frankie is super orange, and Stefan is kind of a creamy beige. One day I’ll get the three of them in one picture!


Sometimes, Dewey likes to follow his sister (Alice) around and stare at her. He knows it bugs her, and eventually she’ll hiss and swat at him.

He is such the bratty little brother.


Frankie and the Ears of Annoyance.

“Lady. Seriously.”


Maxi comes to see just what we think we’re doing. It’s too bad she and Kara don’t care for each other, if they teamed up they’d be a formidable force.


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3-1-17 Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. Seeing Frankie near Stefan… he’s bigger than I was imagining… Dewey is such a cute bratty little brother!

  2. Alice: “Quit following me, dweeb!”
    Dewey: “Quit following me, dweeb.”
    Alice: “You’re so annoying, get out of my room!”
    Dewey: “You’re so annoying, get out of my room.”
    Alice: “Stop it!”
    Dewey: “Stop it.”
    Alice: “Gawd, I hate you! Mom! Daddy!”
    Dewey: “Gawd, I hate you. Mom. Daddy.”

  3. Wow I can’t believe it’s been FIVE! YEARS! since sweet Emmy birthed those sweet babies. I hope she is happy in her semi-feral life.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks about Emmy and hopes she is happy in her barn. She was such a good mama and raised trusting babies despite never being 100% comfortable in her environment. We all know Robyn and Fred tried everything to make her happy!

      • I’m not much of a crier, especially if the post isn’t especially sad, but I teared up when Robyn posted about saying goodbye to Emmy and telling her about her new home.

  4. You got two buffs and an ornchie ornch! And look, the buff is a floor buffer! ha! I know, they’re both on the floor, but I have to go for the joke… ;D
    Have Maxie and Kara divided up the property so they know who patrols what?

  5. Regina’s look of long suffering resignation cracks me up.

    “Really? This is how you want to risk your life kid?”