3-1-16 Tuesday

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Some snackin’ time pictures with the permanent residents.

I’m pretty sure Jake was headed in Alice Mo’s direction so that he could head-butt her (the idea that he’s about to get food makes Jake VERY happy and he will head-butt any cat around. Alice will put up with it better than any of the others). Newt was keeping an eye on Alice because she’s been known to smack him if he gets too close, and over there by the stove, Stefan is yelling “HURRY UP, LADY, WE IS STARVING!” Bonus: Kara’s back end in the left lower corner of the picture.

Six of the ten. Clockwise from the bottom left: Newt, Jake, Joe Bob, Stefan, Dennis, and Archie.

And snack time another day. Dennis is up on the counter (sometimes he eats on the floor, sometimes the counter. I’m not sure what his criteria is), and on the floor are Stefan, Joe Bob, and Jake in the back. Archie (looking up at me), Kara, and Newt in the front. Archie is, hands down, the FASTEST eater I have ever seen in my life. He’s usually done with his plate before I’m even done giving everyone their plates.

Missing from these pictures: Alice (well, missing from the second and third pictures), because she eats her snack on the dining room table, away from the other cats. She’s learned that Jake will push her out of the way to eat her food, even though he’s got food on his own plate. Such a brat. Stinkerbelle would never be seen dining with the peasants, she eats up high or in the front room. Maxi gets her snack on the side stoop (or in the garage if it’s cold and/or blustery out and she refuses to come out of the garage in the morning). Newt’s present in all these pictures, but he’s never as excited about snack time as everyone else. If he’s comfy where he is, he’s just as happy to skip snack time.


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3-1-16 Tuesday — 15 Comments

  1. Today’s post made me smile. And is that a KitNip box there in the middle of the rug in the second and third pictures? πŸ™‚

  2. Love the 2nd pic of the snacks and YAY!!!! for 2012 and Emmy’s babies. I will be re-reading their story as they were my first litter I followed and everyone knows that your “first” is special. πŸ™‚

  3. Do you think it would help at all for Stefan and Archie to eat next to each other at snack time? When my two used to fight regularly, I started putting their canned food dishes closer & closer as it was the most peaceful time when they were focused on the food and not each other. Eventually, I guess it just became so habitual for them that they now always pair up in the kitchen and sit next to each other for feeding. Almost like they’re presenting a united front to express how much they are STARVING. They even take turns mewing or trilling at me to get me to hurry up.

    • I try that from time to time. Sometimes it goes okay, sometimes there’s a hiss-off. You just never know which way it’ll go!

  4. Love how Jake, in the second picture, has his tail almost in Joe Bob’s dish. My Cashmere ALWAYS tries to have her tail as near to in Leo’s face as possible during snack.. Goober.
    Glitter is like Newt, if she’s comfy, snack can wait.

    • Jake has zero sense of boundaries – he always figures everyone else wants to snuggle, wants to lick his head, and wants to have his loony tail in their food. πŸ™‚