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Emmy doesn’t want us in there, she growled at us. We don’t want to stress her out, so left her alone. I’ll be reporting more when I can, over at Facebook.

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2012-03-01 (1)
Male and female House Finches.

2012-03-01 (2)

2012-03-01 (3)
They just love those homemade seed blocks so very, very much.

2012-03-01 (4)
The daffodils around the cat house in the back yard have started to bloom. I love daffodils, they’re my favorite flower.

2012-03-01 (21)
Happy Gracie.

2012-03-01 (20)
Sweet Miss Gracie keeps an eye on the flock.

2012-03-01 (22)
Her “let’s play!” pose. You can’t see him in the picture, but George is not far away.

2012-03-01 (23)
Dirty, dirty dawgs.

2012-03-01 (19)
Gracie, keeping an eye out.

2012-03-01 (18)
Pup in motion.

2012-03-01 (17)
George, slurpin’.

2012-03-01 (24)
Gracie, coming down off Dirt Mountain.

2012-03-01 (5)
Toasty the rooster keeps an eye on his wimminfolk.

2012-03-01 (6)
I don’t know how she stays so clean and blindingly white. Probably she doesn’t venture forth from the coop when it’s muddy out.

2012-03-01 (7)
Young rooster, chasing after a hen.

2012-03-01 (8)
One thing that good roosters do is, when they spot food, they cluck so that the hens will know that they’ve located food. It’s similar to the noise a mother hen makes for her babies. Toasty the rooster called this little hen over, and she came running because hens so love them some food.

2012-03-01 (9)
Between the two of them, they polished it off in no time.

2012-03-01 (11)
Two young roosters, facing off. The white one on the right displays what we call “Umbrella Neck.”

2012-03-01 (12)
Note that the adult chickens have no time for this nonsense.

2012-03-01 (13)
The young ones are all “Yeah? You’ve got Umbrella Neck? ME TOO! MY Umbrella Neck is way more Umbrella-y than yours!”

2012-03-01 (14)
Then the black rooster took it to the next level and jumped at the white one, who reacted by clutching his pearls and running off while clucking hysterically.

2012-03-01 (10)
Roosters keep watch while the wimminfolk eat.

2012-03-01 (15)
Chicken on Dirt Mountain.

2012-03-01 (16)
Another daffodil.

I need to get out near the fruit trees with the camera – at least a couple of them are already covered in blossoms, and they’re awfully pretty.

Is it Spring? Because it certainly feels like it!

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Tuesday night, little cross-eyed Lucy got herself adopted! Here’s a refresher on just who Lucy Peppers is:

2011-08-19 (18)

2011-09-02 (1)

2011-09-06 (3)

2011-10-06 (24)

2011-10-20 (48)

2012-01-27 (5)

The story is that the people who ended up adopting Lucy were originally looking at Sally. Lisa got Sally warmed up and they were petting her, then she opened the cage that Everett and Lucy were in, and Lucy was friendlier, so they ended up deciding to take her. Hey, I’m just thrilled that Sally was allowing them to pet her at all! Everett was still hissy (did I mention that when I put him in the cage with Lucy on Monday he hissed at her, then hissed at me, and then hissed at someone walking by?). I’m sure that given a few more days, Everett will be his big ol’ loverboy self.

This is HUGE – Lucy only had to spend another week in that cage before someone came along and fell in love with her sweet little self.

I’m hoping that this weekend will be the weekend that Everett and Sally go. Fingers and toes crossed!

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(This was written last night; as of this moment I can hear two babies in there yelling away!)

No babies. I thought for SURE she was going to have those babies on the 29th! Oh, she’s a stubborn brat – still eating like crazy, if anything her appetite has picked up. She’s getting bigger by the moment, I swear.

2012-03-01 (29)
Smug little face.

2012-03-01 (28)
Poppin’ out all over.

2012-03-01 (27)

2012-03-01 (26)
Clearly she trusts me enough to sleep while I’m in the room mere feet away.

2012-03-01 (25)
“Were you just thinking about bringing me food? Because I could eat.”

A couple of people requested a belly video the other day, after I mentioned that her belly was a squirming mass o’ babies. It took some doing, but here you go:

YouTube link

It’s really kind of mesmerizing, no?

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Look! It’s Joe Bob NOT on the scratcher!

2012-03-01 (30)

2012-03-01 (31)
You wild and crazy boy.


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3-1-12 — 47 Comments

  1. Awww so so so so so soooooooooooooooo happy for little Lucy!! Oh wow! Fingers crossed of Sally and Everett!! Yay!

    I’m still scraping my jaw off the floor for the sight of gorgeous Emma and her squirming belly full of babies! Oh she is ready to POP!

    Take care

  2. How can she sleep with that??! Who was on the other side of the door demanding entrance?

    • That was Miz Poo – she likes to “find” a toy on the floor and then carry it through the house, howling at the top of her lungs. She drops the toy in front of me, and I’m supposed to praise her. She was yelling for me to come praise her. πŸ™‚

  3. that is one sleepy mother in the video! I am so excited for the kittens!!! I have to say that your blog is one of the happy-bringing parts of my day. I’ve been sick for a few months, and your photos and commentary and the variety of topics (love the farm!) are soothing.

      • Ooh! Ooh! Me too! Me too!! You bring me tons of happiness, too, Robyn!! And, amazingly, you seem to put up with my silliness to boot!

        What a deal!!

    • I hope you feel better soon. Sick for a few months is NOT good or fun! Healing hugs coming your way!

      • thanks GD! it is too long, but thank heavens for the little things: kittens. and nice people on the interwebs.

        • mrowbecca, I’ve been disabled for about 2-1/2 years now and I agree that kittens, cats and nice people on the internet help a lot! Also, it works best for me to focus on what I can still do and now what I can no longer do…

          Oh, and trying new things which are within my new limits. That helps keep life interesting.

          Best wishes to you!!

        • mrowbecca, I’ve been disabled for about 2-1/2 years now and I agree that kittens, cats and nice people on the internet help a lot! Also, it works best for me to focus on what I can still do and not on what I can no longer do…

          Oh, and trying new things which are within my new limits. That helps keep life interesting.

          Best wishes to you!!

  4. That video is the craziest thing i’ve ever seen!!!!! I’m all “KITTENS” and “CREEPY!” at the same time lol

    Ooo pretty daffodils! Also, umbrella neck roosters made me LOL

    YAY LUCY, CONGRATS…hope you love your new home!

  5. Dydd GΕ΅yl Dewi hapus i bawb!
    Happy St David’s Day, great day for Dafodils and leeks .
    How about some welsh kittens?

  6. There is nothing creepy about the squirmy belly! Love it and can’t wait to see the babies. Only wish I could snorgle them, too!

  7. Can’t wait to see all the babas!

    I can’t think how the heck Emmy gets any sleep with that going on.It looks like the film is wobbly or something.Very strange!

    Also,Lucy is a rockstar – I so wish I could’ve had her all to myself, because I could stare into that crosseyed little face all day long.

    • It’s my Sweetpea’s birthday, which was why I based my evil plan on this special day. Darn that Emmy to get the time wrong! Couldn’t she have just held out for 18 measly hours?!?!

      Well?? Couldn’t she have?!?!?!?!

      • She should have! Hey, you never know – maybe there’s ONE more in there that she’ll pop out tonight. I mean, I don’t think there is, but never say never!

  8. Go Lucy!!! I’m so glad that she’s found a forever family. Hope the others show the people what true gems they are.

    And yes Emmy, we’re waiting to meet Oscar, Tony, Grammy, Clio, Pulitzer, Razzie, etc.

  9. Sweet Lucy – I’m so happy for you!! It’s funny, when I pull up your website on my phone, it defaults to October 2011 for some reason, so I was just looking at pictures of the younger Peppers (and Charlie and Patty) and thinking how far they have come…

    Go Emmy go! Give us those babies! Glad for the video of her belly…Tabitha’s babies aren’t nearly that active right now (except when they’re doing The Wave πŸ™‚ ), so maybe she has a little more time to go.

    • Oh, and Doodle Bean – you were SO CLOSE!!! But Emmy was on to your nefarious plot to stick her baby with a silly name! πŸ˜‰

      • I know! Darn that goody two shoes Emmy and all her adorable little brown tabby kittens!!! Darn her to heck!!!


  10. YEAH for Lucy….mom so wanted to kiss her right between the eyes!!

    That belleh video is fascinating and slightly weird all at the same time. Glad the babies are arriving….hope you can get a look at them soon.

    We didn’t know you had pyrs….mom’s brother has one and Minnie LOVES to dig holes in the backyard and roll in the dirt….MOL

    • George and Gracie are our livestock guardian dogs, they guard our chickens. They are possibly the happiest pups on earth! πŸ™‚ They also LOVE to dig, that mountain of dirt in the middle of the field is like a dream come true for them!

        • Generally in the Summer we give them a couple of baths in a big wading pool – it makes it easier to get all the extra loose fur off – but no, they don’t come into the house. The couple of times we’ve taken them out of the back forty they were pretty unhappy. They’re very bonded to their flock and don’t like to leave them without protection.

  11. She looks like she’s got an ocean in her belly with wave after wave. It really is mesmerizing. I’m glad she’s finally letting the kids out. I hope she settles down to let you in there.

    I hope Lucy is doing okay in her new home. I was thinking about her this morning wondering if she had them wrapped around her little paw yet.

  12. Congratulations on winning the kitten pool, Catsy N!!

    Now, if you want my evil plan to succeed, you will name one of the wee little kittens “Bulwer-Lytton”. Got that?

    If you think that’s a silly name, just take a look at the Lytton ancestral home! Pretty swank, eh? Don’t you want an adorable kitten to be associated with such a grand estate? Of course you do!!

    But if overwhelming pretentiousness isn’t your style, how about naming one “Prometheus”? Prometheus was the mythical figure who gave fire to humans, according to legend. Pretty heroic, eh?

    (You can safely ignore his fate — that would never happen to a cute wee little bebbeh kitten!!)

    Finally – my last try – how about “Pritzker”? You can rest easy each night knowing that you saddled Robyn and Fred with a tongue-twister of a name to say every single day until the kittens get adopted. And Robyn will be tearing her hair out making sure she spells it correctly on the blog each weekday! All this while sucking up to one of America’s richest families!! What a deal!!

    So, let me know which of my choices you are going with and I’ll make you an official evil minion. Together, we will conquer the universe, one cute tiny bebbeh kitten at a time!!


      • When I emailed Catsy and Lesley, I made sure to mention that you had some suggestions in the comments here. πŸ˜€

          • Doodle Bean – Thanks for your awesome list of names. I might just be kookie enough to submit one. Now the pressure is on me. I’ll be dreaming about kitty nominee names tonight!

          • Bulwer-Lytton… big ancestral home… Bulwer-Lytton…. big ancestral castle… Bulwer-Lytton… the guy who wrote the saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword”… Bulwer-Lytton… little tabby kitten wearing a tweed jacket!… Bulwer-Lytton… drive Robyn crazy… Bulwer-Lytton… the guy who wrote, “It was a dark and stormy night…”… Bulwer-Lytton… little brown tabby smoking a pipe…


  13. Hi – just saw this, well we know the babies are here, but if you have another Mommy cat in the future with a belly moving like that nine times out of ten it means Mommy is in early labor (yes they can sleep through it) and obviously this was the case last night. Yeah four healthy kittens!

    • How interesting! That would definitely explain why she was a bit growly with me last night. I just thought she’d decided she didn’t like me anymore. πŸ™‚

  14. Oh my gosh! That video! I have had lots of pregnant kitties in my time but I have NEVER seen such an active tummy! that is just so awesome!
    Speaking of awesome, good for Lucy!!!
    And hurray for the babies finally making an appearance!! I hope she lets you get a good look at them!!

  15. It is so much fun for me, checking in here every day, knowing one of the days I will be seeing photos of newborn babies!

  16. Such a great video, thanks for sharing (and hooray for babies!)
    It reminded me a little of one of those crazy massage chairs which has the moving parts in πŸ˜€

  17. That belly is superb! and it’s a good thing that rooster called the chicken over ‘cos we all know you’d let the chickens starve. you never feed any of your animals…:)

  18. I was wondering who was hollering… Miz Poo even made my Bertie’s ears perk up.