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So, I just so happened to be in the general area of Petsmart yesterday (okay, maybe I wasn’t so much IN the area, but I wasn’t so far FROM the area, so I made it so I was IN the area), and I stopped by. The pictures and “Best reasons to adopt a black cat” list I had printed out and taken with me on Monday when I dropped Everett off was printed out on photo paper and as soon as I taped it to the outside of the cage it got smudged. When I got home, I printed it out on regular paper (I don’t know why, but the colors are better when I print it up on regular paper rather than photo paper. That’s weird, right?) and then I laminated it (yes, I have my own DIY laminating sheets here at home. Honestly, with all the odd crafty things I have sitting around this house, you’d think I’d be SUPER crafty, but not so much.) and cut it down to size. When I got to the cages, Lucy was laying on her back in the middle of the cage she’s sharing with Everett, rolling around on her back. Everett was sitting at the cage door, looking through the door at the Tuesday morning cleaner. I pulled down the old list/ pictures and hung up the new one, and then I was standing up to go take a look at Sally (who’s in a cage on top, at the other end of the cages from Everett and Lucy) and the cleaner came out to say hi.

I was all “Blah blah blah Sally blah blah blah scaredy-cat blah blah WORRIED about her!”, and Henry said that he had just been standing there for several minutes loving on her, and she was totally into it! The little hussy, making me worry like that, giving me the scared “I am but a wee scared kitten!” eyes when I tried to get her to come to me on Monday! Then when I walked down to her cage to look at her, she was sitting at the door to her cage, all “Hey, where’d that guy go? Come back and pet me some more!”

So. I am perhaps not quite so worried about Sally as I was. I mean, yes she’s a scaredy cat, but if she’ll let Henry pet her, maybe she’ll let OTHER people pet her, and maybe she’s not quite as scared as she’d have me believe.

We shall see.

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The Permanent Residents Take a Turn at Da Bird.
(With an appearance or two from Everett wherein he is just observing and not jumping like a jumpy little jumping bean. Taken before he went to Petsmart, obviously.)

2012-02-29 (1)
Corbie loves to grab at da bird, but since he can’t really jump, Fred makes sure that da bird swings low enough for Corbs to get it.

2012-02-29 (2)

2012-02-29 (3)

2012-02-29 (4)
Such a serious little face.

2012-02-29 (5)
Jake brings some loony to the par-tay.

2012-02-29 (6)

2012-02-29 (7)
Miz Poo joins in.

2012-02-29 (8)

2012-02-29 (9)
And Sugarbutt shows up.

2012-02-29 (10)
Miz Poo is all “Come ‘ere, boy, I wanna smack you!” to Corbie. Corbie ignores.

2012-02-29 (11)
When Sugarbutt stands on his hind legs, his potbellied appearance makes me laugh.

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Emmy would like me to know one thing.

2012-02-29 (13)
“I have not had those babies yet, and I may NEVER give them up. Stop buggin’ me.”

2012-02-29 (14)
“STOP saying “Give me those babies!” every time you come into the room. It was funny once, maybe twice. Now it just makes me want to chew your face off.”

2012-02-29 (16)
“Now go away. I need a nap.”

2012-02-29 (15)

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2012-02-29 (17)
A scratcher bowl full o’ Tom Cullen. Who is full of attitude.


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2-29-12 — 26 Comments

  1. I was happy to see that – despite your captions – the photos of Emmy show that she is a lot more relaxed than 10 days ago.

    So, if all is going to plan, she should stop eating today so she’s ready to birth those babies tomorrow night so I can win the pool and choose a really, really, very silly name for one of those poor innocent kittens!!

    Anyone who wants to stop my nefarious plan should go over to the pool and get some bets in so if my calculations are incorrect I Don’t get another chance to spoil a wee little kittens life forever!!

    Otherwise, BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!

    (Really, the money’s for a good cause!! Honest!!)

      • Well, she’s still eating like crazy. I’m trying to convince her to have the babies today. She’s a hard one to read, I’m not sure if I’m convincing her or not. πŸ™‚

        • Well, obviously Emmy will be like Meira and eat right up to going into labor at approxiamately 9:00 pm tomorrow!! It’s because she’s still so hungry from being malnourished all those months, that’s it!

          So there! My evil plan is still on track!!

          I know it is!!!!

      • Oh, my vet said that too…and I was so counting on Tabitha to stop eating to give me a heads up. I went home at lunch today and she rolled over on her back, and it was like the kittens were doing The Wave in her belly!! I don’t think they appreciated being upside down while she played with her toy mouse!

  2. Since you are talking about scaredy cats, I wanted to ask you a question. Have you ever heard of using Rescue Remedy for cats with anxiety disorders and such?

    A lady in town heard me talking about my Frankie (who is such a stressed out,anxiety ridden cat) and told me that a vet she saw once about her own stressed out cat, told her she could give her cat a mashed up Rescue Remedy pill mixed with cat food. Apparently, it has worked wonders for her cat, but I’m still a bit worried about using it on Frank. I would hate for him to get hurt because of something I did. But then again, constantly acting like he is suffering from PTSD can’t be good for him either.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    • I have used Rescue Remedy with both my cats, my dogs, and for myself. I highly recommend it. I get it in a liquid form and just put a few drops on their food and in my tea in the morning. I started using it when we began renovating our house. Many of the cats usual “safe” spots, were being torn up, and my one skittish cat (Punky) was a mess. Rescue Remedy helped all of us get through that rough time. In fact my Punk has had a real transformation. I rescued her about 4 years ago, no one but my husband and I ever sees her. My mom has joked that she doesn’t think she really exists, that she is my imaginary cat. But for the past two weeks she has come out to greet visitors, and has finally let my husband pet her for the first time. She has always been a real lover with me, but she is finally starting to show everyone else what a amazing heart she has. Maybe all this would have happened without the remedy, but I think it has helped all of us tremendously.

    • I’ve used RR successfully several times. First with Eli, then with several groups of feral kittens. Of course my definition of success might be different from yours. To me if it takes the edge off and helps them be a little calmer and more open to attention then it is a great success.

      It is very gentle, and I’ve used it myself many times when I find myself unduly stressed over something. I can’t see it doing any harm.. Think more of the calm you feel when you take a deep breath of sweet smelling flowers, or looking upon a sunset or something really beautiful..

    • I think that Rescue Remedy is pretty widely used – I haven’t used it myself, but I’m thinking that maybe it would convince Stinkerbelle that life down here among the humans and other cats isn’t SO bad! I actually didn’t know that it came in pills, though, I’ve only ever seen and heard about it in liquid form.

      • Thanks you guys!I’m going to start giving him one pill a day,and see how it goes.

        @Robyn, I don’t know if maybe the pills are only available where I am (South Africa) or what, but it has the exact same ingredients as the drops.So hopefully it will help.

  3. Emmy… if you won’t consider giving Robyn the babies, how about giving ME the babies? About 8 hours from now would be perfect. πŸ˜‰

    Yay, Sally!! You go girl! (And hooray for Lucy and her new family too!!!) So happy for the girls and yet so disappointed for me at the same time. I had the most vivid dream last night… Fred was driving north for a fishing trip in Canada. He stopped by along the way to drop off Sally and Lucy at my house. And then he stuck around to build some beautiful cat walkways, shelves, and napping spots in my rooms with higher ceilings. I remember being so relieved because the walls are so bare up there! Perhaps we can substitute Everett for Lucy? Or perhaps the lovely residents of Alabama should go grab themselves an awesome house panther!!! Leap day would be most appropriate for an Everett adoption, don’t you think?

    • Heh – Henry and his wife Cydney are foster parents too, and thus all catted up πŸ™‚ It amazes me that Laurie at Itty Bitty Kitty Committee has only the one permanent resident, every foster family I know tends to have more than they intended!

      • Hey Robyn, I just realized you didn’t write in the blog post that Lucy was adopted last night!

        • Yeah, by the time she was adopted, my post for today was written and scheduled to post, so I’ll write about it for tomorrow’s post.

          • Cool! That means I and your other Facebook readers know a secret the others don’t!!


  4. Tom Cullen? Are you sure it isn’t Tom Sullen? hee hee, what a look he’s giving you!

    Very sweet of Fred to lower the bird for non-jumping Corbs! I have to drag the bird most of the time for Star who’s a better mouser than birder. And Leo, who is a fantastic jumper, only jumps for a few minutes, then he rolls onto his back and wants it close enough to bat at without moving! Silly kitties!

    Come on Emmy! We want’s ta see the babies!!