3-2-16 Wednesday

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Last night, the good news:

I don’t mind telling you, I was a little worried about Koko because reports were that she wasn’t happy. I hoped that she’d relax into the routine of being at Petsmart – and now she doesn’t have to. Yay, Koko!

But there was also bad news last night: Levine was returned. He was just adopted last Thursday, but the family’s circumstances changed unexpectedly, necessitating a return. Teresa reported that after some snuggles, she put him in the cage with Nubbs and Shelton, there was a lot of sniffing, a hiss, and then they started playing. So, not too traumatic for him, and he got a break. I have a good feeling about this weekend – fingers crossed!


New foster kitten blog alert! Three Tiny Tabbies is up and running, go check them out and admire those ADORABLE little faces!


Speaking of cats – remember Emily, the cat GD rescued? See here for reference. GD told me on Monday that Emily is on a trial 2-week sleepover; hopefully the trial goes well, and the paperwork will be finalized – I bet that girl has found her home! Yay, Emily and double-yay GD!


If you’re in the North Alabama area, Cat Tales – the yearly fundraiser for Challenger’s House – is just around the corner! It’s taking place on April 8th from 6 – 8:30 pm at the Monte Sano state lodge. You can see the flyer below (click on it to get the full-size .jpg), or download it in PDF form here.

Also, Challenger’s House is accepting donations for the silent auction – If you have quality items that you would like to donate for the silent auction, please contact Susan at the Shelter (256-420-5995) or by email at challengershouse@mchsi.com. Acceptable items include art, gift baskets, antiques, collectibles, gift certificates, home/garden furnishings, etc.

If you’re in the area, I hope we see you there!


In the middle of March, I glanced over to the side stoop, and saw Archie sitting there looking very displeased (I mean, even more displeased than usual, if that’s a possibility). I went over to see what was going on, and found that FancypantsV2.0 was sitting there eating.


“Did you hear that, dude?”

“::thlurrrp:: I swear I heard a clicking sound, but I don’t see – ”

I wish I could report that we’ve trapped FancypantsV2.0 and whisked him off for testing and neutering, but he comes around so sporadically – perhaps once a week – that we haven’t been able to do so yet. And the moment after I took that last picture, he zoomed off the side stoop and was GONE. I’m really hoping he belongs to someone in the area – he’s in really good shape (as far as I can tell). We’ll keep working at it, of course.


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3-2-16 Wednesday — 29 Comments

  1. Phinn Pig is really cute and I agree with the head tilt.
    Mr. Fancypants V2.0 – what a pretty boy! I hope he/she is already neutered/spayed. Wouldn’t that be a blessing?
    Yay for Koko. I am sure that the adopters just couldn’t stand the thought of a preggers mama kitty giving birth under those circumstances. They are very big hearted. πŸ˜‰
    Poor Levine. I really really hate it when that happens. We had a wonderful cat adopted and returned a few weeks later. The husband surprised his wife with a lovely divorce. She was blindsided. Since she is in the Navy and goes to sea every few weeks, she will no longer have anyone to watch her kitties (she had two others before adopting the third). I cannot imagine how shattered her world instantly became.
    Well, the Judges will have more time for wrastl’n and I am sure that they will all get scooped up by the end of the week. They are super duper cute….who could resist?

    • I wonder if they got special price since they will be getting kittens as well? (snerk)
      I am very happy for Koko.

    • I believe her point is she doesn’t know, but they aren’t going to take the chance that FPv2 isn’t neutered

    • Right – he could be neutered, but we want to make sure that he is, and that he’s healthy. I’d be pleased as punch if he were already neutered!

  2. Hooray for Koko, and a qualified hooray for Emily! Is there anyone who doesn’t envy their new families? So sorry to hear about young Levine’s return to the fold, but I retain high hopes for him and his bros. Challenger’s House will see them through.

  3. Yay for Koko’s adoption, and I’ve added Three Tiny Tabbies to my required reading list! Thanks for the heads up. There can never be too many kitten blogs, in my opinion.

  4. I am sorry to hear about Levine but I hope that whatever changed in the family’s life was not bad and that it will calm down for them. I would hate to adopt a sweet kitty and then find I could not keep the kitty.

  5. GEEEZ… Sir Phinn Pig Pudgington Esq. is even cuter than I originally thought. GAAAHHH! I want to cuddle him!

    So very happy our sweet KoKo brainwashed…errr… captured the heart of some lucky person! Wonderful news!

    Seriously, Archie?? You’re okay with a total stranger Fancypants and not okay with your house brother, Stefan?? Dude!!! You are such a weirdo… but it makes me love you even more.

  6. Thanks for the update on the kitty pie plate! Goood thing I check back here throughout the day! I was able to order one (they don’t ship to Canada, though, BOOOOO! so I had it shipped to a friend in the States & will pick it up next time I go visit them).

  7. So much news today-I’ve added 3 tiny tabbies to my morning=YaY! YAY for also Emily and Koko and I’m SURE that Levine and the others will be scooped up soonish.

  8. β€œHoomins. Such a strange species.” – truer words have not been spoken.

    I’m sorry to hear about Levine’s family. that had to suck big time for them.

  9. Robyn, THANK YOU for that postscript about the Pie Dish – I picked one up, after having been shut out the last two times. Perhaps this will convince Precious there is a comfy space in my office other than between me and the monitor!

    I’m so happy for Kokomo! And I am hoping for Levine and all the others that their real forever families will find them real soon.

    Archie is a goofball. I hope you will be able to snag Fancypants soon!

  10. Speaking of new foster blogs, if anyone knows of a cat fosterer that blogs from Arizona, please share. I’m moving (very much against my will and I’m so sad right now) to the Phoenix area in a few weeks. The good thing is that I might actually be able to afford pets there. I’d love to adopt kittens I watched grow from birth instead of one whose history is unknown…or, I might just drive the 24 hours between Phoenix and Huntsville and score a genuine Anderson kitten πŸ™‚

    • I don’t know of any off the top of my head, but I’ll post this in Friday’s post – there MUST be a foster blog in that area!

    • I emailed my best friend from college who lives in Phoenix… she has this recommendation… halorescue.org She isn’t aware of a blog in the area but you may find one with the fosters for Halo Rescue. They love their adopted kitty from years ago, Patella. (she’s in the medical field… lol)

  11. That’s too bad about Levine, but at least Kokomo got adopted – yay!! Do y’know if you’re getting any new foster kitties anytime soon? πŸ˜€