3-3-16 – Thursday

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FYI: the cat-head shaped scratchers/pie beds are back in stock at Amazon. They go quickly, so better grab yours if you want one or two!


As I was preparing the post for today, I realized that I’d accidentally linked the “previously” posts at the bottom of yesterday’s post to the wrong day. So if you check them out every day (and why wouldn’t you?!), you’ll notice that you already saw the 2011 and 2012 posts yesterday (if you were here before noon). I fixed it, so if you want to see the correct posts from March 2, 2011 and 2012, go back a day and check them out.

(Does that make any sense at all? I hope so!)


Can you tell which side of the electric blanket is turned on? I’m surprised Dennis isn’t on there, too.



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3-3-16 – Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. Allie loves the electric blanket, but Harley does not. I know it’s really cold if she is on my side of the bed (the side with the electric blanket turned on). Of course, I think part of it is that she just likes having the other half of the bed all to herself!

  2. That’s not a particularly scary ROWRRRR there, Jake, seeing as how you’re delivering it from a reclining position! Where are all the commenters today? Is it just us hardcore fans? I’m rather goofy today because i called in sick so i could pack the embarrassing stuff before the movers come to pack everything else! Also, i thought i found a Lump on Monday but the doctor’s office just called to report the mammogram came back clear, so apparently the Lump was in my fevered brain! I have a question for Friday’s post, if it’s not too late: i mentioned previously that i might be able to have cats in the near future. I would like to have some savings built up before then, as I’ve never had dependents before. I know cats, when everyone is healthy, are not expensive, but i want to be prepared for emergencies. Any cats i have will be indoor only, so i know that will cut down on some types of trouble. What say all of you: 2K per cat? 5K?

  3. Also! I had to share this bit, because i know y’all will join me in my outrage: i was looking at apartments online, to try to find a home in Phoenix. I came across one apartment complex where you could have cats, but they had to be fixed (of course), pass a “pet interview” (huh?), AND BE DECLAWED. WHAT THE EVERLIVING CRAP. Thanks for the clear sign that your place isn’t for me!!

    • Oh my gosh… that burns me up. I wish I could ask that landlord if he/she could do their job just as well without their fingers. And I understand a deposit, but some places charge a crazy amount each month just to have a pet. I hope you can find a better place!

      Also, in response to your previous comment… Look into pet insurance. PetFinder has a great article about the ‘myths and rumors’ of pet insurance.