2-28-17 Tuesday

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You may have missed this if you’re not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr. I realized the other day that Frankie has a sloth face on his left side.

After I posted it, several people said that they see a puppy’s face instead. I didn’t see it at first, but then I did. Frankie’s left side is like a Rorschach test!


Someone asked last week if I thought I could get a picture of Newt, Stefan and Frankie to compare their differing shades of orange. I answered that I doubted it – but when I was taking pictures for the Chewy.com review in yesterday’s post, I did get a shot of Newt and Stefan side by side.

Not the greatest picture, but I think you get the idea. Those two boys are VERY close in color! That’s Newt on the left, Stefan on the right, and Dewey trying to sneak a few bites of Stefan’s snack.


When I painted the computer room recently, I turned off the Sofa Scram mat (which goes in front of the storage cabinet so as to stop anyone from spraying on it.) Then I folded it up and set it aside… and Frankie discovered it. Apparently it’s quite comfy.


Fred took Frankie out into the back yard a few times over the weekend. Frankie found the back yard interesting, but also a little scary. Saturday afternoon, after sniffing around for a little while, he decided he wanted back inside. He hasn’t quite mastered the cat door, so he went to the top of the stairs, sniffed at the door, and looked puzzled.

And then Sheriff Mama decided she wanted to go inside.

“Son, you are too close to the cat door. I need my space. Back off.”


“Now, I’m not gonna ticket you this time, but you better watch yourself.”

Then she went through the cat door and after a moment, he followed.

Atop the platform in the middle of the back yard, Newt looked on disapprovingly.


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2-28-17 Tuesday — 20 Comments

  1. I see puppy on Frankie’s side. Reminds me I forgot to mention yesterday I had the hardest time figuring out that first photo on 2/27/13: Robin and Newt in the basket. I first thought Robin’s head was at the top with Newt’s tail sort of pointing to it. Nipples looked like eyes, a shiny spot on her knee looked like an ear, her front paws stretched out looked like twisted back legs, her head looked like a curled up tail, until I noticed the her actual ear down there…

    And today in ’07…Hellcat promotion, Hatecat testing, that’s a classic. LOL.

    • When I saw the L&H post on my FB feed earlier this morning, I looked at that picture of Frankie and saw…. Einstein’s face. Previously, when Robyn posted about the sloth , I saw that. But for some strange reason, today I saw Einstein. Anyone else????

    • Starr, I had to go look at that picture. I can see why it would be confusing! 😀

      And I have to admit, the Hellcat entry is one of my favorites.

  2. Frankie sure is a good looking boyo. I love that coat pattern. I see St. Bernard puppy and I see sloth. I wonder what it says about us depending on what we see. Rorschach test. Glad you already spelled out Rorschach. Saved me having to look it up.

  3. A Small-Sized Mystery
    by Jane Hirshfield

    Leave a door open long enough,
    a cat will enter.
    Leave food, it will stay.
    Soon, on cold nights,
    you’ll be saying “Excuse me”
    if you want to get out of your chair.
    But one thing you’ll never hear from a cat
    is “Excuse me.”
    Nor Einstein’s famous theorem.
    Nor “The quality of mercy is not strained.”
    In the dictionary of Cat, mercy is missing.
    In this world where much is missing,
    a cat fills only a cat-sized hole.
    Yet your whole body turns toward it
    again and again because it is there.

  4. I do see a sloth!

    Aw, poor Frankie, lol. Sheriff Mama may have some anger management issues, heh. Either that, or she’s had it with the lack of respect law enforcement get from the younger generation.

  5. Frankie must have some use for non-Fred people if he’s napping with you. Even if it’s as a substitute for a bed warmer!