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More pics of Lilybet and the boys before they left Crooked Acres.

Robin, snuggling with Newt.

Batman, trying to take a nap, annoyed with me for waking him up.


Lilybet really liked her couple of days in the guest bedroom; something about being able to hide under the bed and then POP out to surprise me.

There’s a glimpse of the shaved belly.

And another shot.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kate, exploring the room.

She doesn’t seem to be much of a climber. I haven’t seen her on the little cat tree, or on the steps by the window. That little cat tree is the same one Emmy was hanging out behind, this time last year:

Oh, I meant to answer this – someone asked in the comments the other day if I’ve ever had a black mama kitty. I have not – though we did have Maura, who we THOUGHT was pregnant, and I’ll say it again, look at the belly in the picture at the top of this page, I don’t blame myself for believing she was pregnant! But until now, all my mama kitties – Kara, Maggie, Emmy – have been brown tabbies.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joe Bob, hanging out on the Room with a View, which is just about his favorite spot to snooze.


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2-28-13 — 17 Comments

  1. There is a kitty at our local shelter that looks EXACTLY like Lilybet (yep, shaved belly and all). She seems to be the same size and has the same dash of loon. She is precious and pretty!!!

    AAAAHHHHH….Maura memories! That was one smart cookie! LOL

  2. Ok….I just read that Maura died suddenly!! WT*???!!!! What happened? Why????????????????????????????????

  3. That Lilybet cracks me up. Her loony face would give me hours of entertainment whether she was doing anything or not.

  4. I hope all those wonderful cats get adopted soon! They all deserve it!! I was good to see Emmy again. I imagine her keeping her distance from humans while basking in a sun puddle in her barn and being as happy as she can be. I sure hope that image is true!

  5. She doesn’t seem to be much of a climber. I haven’t seen her on the little cat tree, or on the steps by the window.

    Could that have anything to do with her being gravid? A cat that isn’t much for climbing will want to climb even less in that condition.

  6. I’m not surprised she’s not a climber – can you imagine trying to jump off the ground (gracefully no less) with 3-5 squirming little babies inside of YOUR tummy? 🙂

    You know those pumpkin costumes they put on babies? For some reason looking through the pictures today of Miss Kate, I just had an image of her in one for a cat. Eep. Too stinking cute mixed with “WTH are you thinking!?” 🙂

  7. Isn’t today Crooked Acres Thursday? I only ask because I have a slight addiction to the baby chick photos – cough-

    • I love the flurfy kitties too, rebecca. Both of mine are longhairs – a tabby Maine Coon and a DLH who looks very much like Kate with a grey fur coat and a huuuuuge plumey tail that frequently curls up over her back. Same yellow eyes, also. They take more brushing maintenance, but they are so pretty!