2-28-15 – Chewy.com & Instinct Raw Boost Minis

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For this month’s Chewy.com review, I chose Instinct Raw Boost Minis to review. We got a package of the rabbit flavored Minis.

The front and back of the package:

I assumed that the ingredient list would read “Ingredients: Rabbit. Freeze dried. DUH.”, but the ingredients list was longer than I expected:

Rabbit, Pork Liver, Pork Heart, Pumpkinseeds, Carrots, Apples, Butternut Squash, Ground Flaxseed, Montmorillonite Clay, Dried Kelp, Broccoli, Mixed Tocopherols, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salmon Oil, Rosemary Extract, Blueberries, Dried Chicory Root

What did the cats think? (Please note, not all cats were present for this, because they have busy and fulfilling lives and sometimes don’t feel like coming down to help me out, because they are BRATS.)

Sheriff Mama (Kara) thought those treats were quite tasty.

Stefan REALLY liked them, to the point where he jumped out of his (Chewy.com) box full of brown paper and followed me around the house.

For a big – shall we say portly? – cat, Newt is much pickier than you’d expect. He licked at one of the treats, but didn’t eat any.

Sugarbutt dug right in, and pronounced the treats quite tasty.

Alice was a big fan and inhaled hers in no time flat.

Joe Bob said “Lady, these is tasty, and I approves.”

Stefan said “I’ll be right here if you find that you have some extras.”

Miz Poo said “I do not care for these. I might care for them tomorrow or the next day or in ten minutes, but right now you better get these things off my bed.”

Alice said “I’ll take hers!”

Jake said “I hear there are treats being handed out. Gimme.”

He was a big fan of them, too.

Dennis said “These are tasty, and I am beautiful.”

The biggest surprise to me was that Archie took a look, took a lick, and said “No, thanks.” I don’t think I’ve ever had him turn down food before!

Dennis and Jake said “We’ll take his!”

Tommy came wandering in, ate a couple, and said they were okay, but not his favorite.

And the kittens? What did the kittens think?

They dove right in. I love how Mary’s ears are folded back.

Mary really liked them.

Paul really liked them.

And Peter was also a big fan.

Then he thought about how good they were.

Paul thought Mary was encroaching on his space, so he gave her The Paw of Nope and a quiet growl.

So, all in all, more cats liked the treats than didn’t – they were a particular favorite of Alice and Stefan, who will probably end up getting the rest of the bag of treats (since they loved them SO much), doled out one or two every now and again.

The treats were provided by Chewy.com, if you couldn’t tell, but all opinions were the cats’, interpreted by me.

Thanks for the opportunity, Chewy. You rock!


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2-28-15 – Chewy.com & Instinct Raw Boost Minis — 15 Comments

  1. Love the Paw of Nope! Are the treats wet? It looks like Mary has gravy or summit on her mouth. Is that from the treats or some other mess she put her face in?

  2. Chewy.com more than rocks!

    I’ve been using them for several years (weren’t they called Mr Chewy then or did I just call them that?) and I have to say I’ve *never* found better customer service anywhere. And they pretend they’re not thinking I’m dumb and then go out of their way to fix it when I screw up my scheduled delivery thing.

    • Yes, they started out as MrChewy, and then changed it to Chewy. I get most of my cat food from there, and all of my litter. I love being able to schedule it, and the way it’s easy to delay delivery if I need to, or get it sooner if I realize I need it sooner. Easy to use, awesome customer service, highly recommended! 🙂

  3. I’d be put off by the ingredients list, but the cats clearly like them – maybe it’s the salmon oil. That picture of Peter deep in thought is spectacular!

  4. Stefan got out of bed?!! Don’t get to see you much when you’re not lying down, Mr. Man! All those tongues sticking out, so cute! I love Sugarbutt’s crinkly face, and Archie, not bothering to move from his Archie-loaf position.

    Lol, Paw of Nope.

  5. why do they say pork, instead of pig.. :p
    and also, cats need gluten free diet now (the snack box had all these declarations) ? hahaa