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I imagine ear-cleaning is a very time-consuming process for this crew.

It’s an all-day process!


Remember way back when you wrote about feeding the Permanent Residents egg yolks? Were they cooked, or raw (the egg yolks, not the kitties)? I was making egg salad for my lunch today, and 2 of my boys were going ape-s**t over it, looking at me like a was a lame zebra ready to be taken down. I gave them some of the cooked egg, and they were in heaven.

I used to give them raw egg yolks, but I know that several of them (most notably Stefan) like them cooked, too! I’ve always heard that the fat in the egg yolk helps to make their coats shiny. I don’t give them egg yolks any more, though, because they’ve decided they don’t care for them any longer. Brats!


Do the tailless kitties have any trouble landing on their feet when leaping around?

Nope, not at all – in fact, they seem even a little more graceful to me! (Well, that’s true for Mariette – Ferdinand is just a big ol’ lunk).


Is there a blinking light or something on that camera that the kittens think they have to kill?? That was the best thing ever!

There’s not a blinking light – there are infrared lights around the outside of the camera. What I’ve noticed, though, is that both times they went after the camera, it was after we’d lost internet briefly. When the cameras come back online, they make a very faint beep sound, and I’m betting that that noise caught their attention.


As I watched the video and saw the car drive by on the road in front of the house, all I could think was how crazy it would be as a driver if your lights caught the eyes of six kittens peering out the window at you (not to mention those of any permanent residents who may be looking out of first-floor windows!). Creeeeeeepy…

We turn a light on in that room when it gets dark in the evening (which we then turn off at bedtime), and we don’t pull the shades on the windows, so often I wonder if people driving by notice cats on the cat tree or walking across the window sill!


Robyn, with all your pictures, you do provide such a service to adopters, chronicling their new family members’ first days – – a baby album, if you will (being the fifth child, as pictures got fewer and fewer as the family grew, my baby album almost starts with my kindergarten photo – LOL!). I especially love the new kitten photos compared to the photos taken as they get ready for adoption. Growing on that, take a look at 22 Adorable Before and After Pictures – – will MELT YOUR HEART!!

I LOVE those pictures!!!


I promise you that Dennis does NOT hang out in that wall basket 24 hours a day. He leaves it, he really does!

Maria and the Ears of Annoyance.

It’s a hard life, being this beautiful (that’s Orlando.)

Mariette really likes to sit like this. I wonder if all cats would sit like this if they didn’t have a tail that got in the way.

Don’t stare into the sun, Ferdinand. You’ll fry the rest of your marshmallow fluff, which will expand out your ears and then OH what a mess that will be!

See? There’s Dennis, leaning against the scratcher, juuuust out of my reach. He likes to make me work to pet him.

Maria, jumping up after the laser light. I love the way her tail is sticking straight out.

Angelo has spotted the laser (while Dennis looks on.)

Now everyone has spotted the laser!

Angelo caught the laser light – or did it catch him?

Notice that both the girls are looking at me, because they KNOW where that light is coming from, and who’s controlling it.

Angelo is such a lover. He’s always rubbing against the other kittens. And Dennis always looks so annoyed.

But you can tell that he likes it! I like how it looks as though they’re about the same size. Angelo is actually almost two pounds heavier than Dennis.


Corbie, skulking through the back yard.

Such a pretty, pretty boy.


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2-28-14 — 16 Comments

  1. In the picture “Angelo caught the laser light – or did it catch him?”, I just love Ferdinand’s back legs and butt in that picture.

    In the picture “…Angelo is actually almost two pounds heavier than Dennis”, it looks like Dennis bit into a lemon and his lips are all puckered up! 🙂

    • I was going to say the same thing about that picture with Ferdi’s lovely back end! It’s so adorable, I did a double-take and then went back twice to look at it again. SO CUTE!

  2. I bet Dennis hangs out in the wall-basket, because that bit of green blanket in there really brings out his beautiful eyes. Great picture!

  3. Robyn provides baby albums to adopters like me via links to their Flickr pages. I love looking back at Reacher’s baby pics! Thanks, Robyn!

  4. Most Manx cats that I have come across are super friendly, and most orange kitties I’ve come across are also super friendly. Ferdinand must have super power levels of friendliness, right? I want him along with Dennis and his cute round head.

  5. I know this topic has been discussed many times in the 6 years I have been following your site daily, but my attempts at searching have failed. Cat pee. Specifically cat pee on my favorite leather boots. HELP. For some reason, (and surely not because I was lax at cleaning liter boxes…, face palm ). My male cat took to peeing in my shoe closet, and while most damage was to the carpet,which will have to be replaced, he managed to hit my favorite boots. I use natures miracle on fabric and carpet but does anyone have advice for leather ?

    • I have zero experience with leather, but I’ve posted a plea on the Love & Hisses FB page. Hopefully someone will have suggestions for you and chime in!

      • many many thanks. and I cannot tell you how much I love your blog. it’s the first thing i read every morning. Corbie really is gorgeous, and Dennis’ sweet little fact almost makes me want to drive to Alabama and kidnap him. (i’m partial to brown tabbies, even though the offending pee-er is a brown tabby and he’s persona (or kitty) non grata around my house right now).

  6. Girls are smarter than boys !!!!! Niner,niner ! They knew weeks ago that you held the magic. At least that is how it is in my house.
    Or maybe boys are more willing to have fun?

  7. Those “Before and After” photos are the cutest things I’ve seen in just about…well, a long time.

    It was so funny to see L&H in my Facebook feed this morning and notice that you shared my comment about ear-cleaning at the top of the page. My first thought (even though I know the typical Friday routine) was, “Oh, Robyn and I must think alike!”

    Dennis is adorable and I want to squoosh him.

  8. My orange manx cat Rizzo was the sweetest cat. All he ever wanted was love. He was always chirping to me wanting cuddles. He was my little snugglebug that I miss so much. Ferdinand looks sooooo much like him.

  9. I absolutely love Dennis’ big round head! He looks so squishy and huggable! I can’t remember if you ever mentioned whether he’s actually related to the others?