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Bath time for Angelo.

Ferdinand keeps an eye on bath time. He can jump in and clean ears if need be!

Ear cleanliness is important to Ferdinand. This time around, Angelo’s ears pass the test.

Meanwhile, in the wall basket, Dennis thinks that a bath sounds just right.

Ferdinand decides that since Angelo is now properly clean, it’s time to wrestle.

Mariette stays out of the fray (for once).

She is such a pretty girl.

Angelo seems to have the upper paw.

Dennis stays out of the fray, too. Smart boy.



Alice Mo likes to keep an eye on the birds at the feeders. She also likes to tell me that I should clean those windows (just did it last month! Not doing it again any time soon, ALICE MO) and maybe paint the door (I KNOW, ALICE MO, NOBODY ASKED YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU). Alice Mo is apparently that annoying voice in the back of my head.

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2-27-14 — 12 Comments

  1. those kittens sure are into those baths!

    notice a window like that at our house the other day – the sun shown in and mom was all “yikes” but it still isn’t clean MOL

  2. hehehe, I love that Alice is such a taskmaster and wants a clean house, just like her namesake.

  3. Felix is definitely into his baths also. He prefers to be sitting on my stomach/chest when he’s bathing at night and spends a good 5 – 10 minutes on it if undisturbed. He’s the first cat who I’ve ever noticed doing it for that length of time.

    Update on the situation with him and the O2: not any better. in fact I was woken up this AM by a screaming cat fight on my feet when my kid opened a door without realizing Jack was sitting right there. Felix gave chase and Jack ran to safe high ground (my bed) where he turned, spit, screamed bloody murder, and swatted at Felix. We’re still keeping them separated, and the few supervised “visits” have not worked on softening the O2 at all.