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No babies yet! We’ve made more progress with her – she ate in front of us, and Fred actually got her interested in playing briefly at one point over the weekend. She still isn’t coming over to us for petting, but I’m sure that’ll happen in time. Right now all she wants to do is eat and sleep. She’s eating pretty much everything we put in front of her, apparently she’s not a picky girl.

2012-02-27 (3)

2012-02-27 (2)
“I approve of this stuff, lady.”

2012-02-27 (4)
When the bowl was empty, she sat and licked her lips for a long time.

2012-02-27 (5)
Then she took a bath.

Then she looked at me.

2012-02-27 (7)
Then she headed toward her basket and stopped for a rest on the shelf.

2012-02-27 (8)
She gave Fred a look…

2012-02-27 (1)
And then settled down in her basket for a long nap in the sun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The good news is that Sissy Bear Cub, the cat that Lucy was sharing a cage with at Petsmart, has been adopted. That’s good news because Sissy Bear Cub is a black cat who’s been at Petsmart for a long, long time. The bad news is that now there’s room at Petsmart – which means that later this morning, I’ll be taking Everett to Petsmart to share a cage with Lucy.

There’s a “Top Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat” printout on the outside of Lucy (and now Everett’s) cage that I’m going to reprint with a few of Everett’s jumping pictures included, so maybe that’ll catch someone’s eye and make them take a second look at Everett and Lucy (and Sally in her own cage).

Fingers crossed that all three of the black Peppers are adopted quickly. I have a good feeling about this!

I sure am going to miss Everett and his crazy jumping ways, though.

2012-02-27 (9)

2012-02-27 (10)
He’s just so CASUAL about being way up there in the air. It seems to take him very little effort at all.

2012-02-27 (11)
“Ho hum, hanging out here in the air again.”

2012-02-27 (12)
That right there is an interesting position.

2012-02-27 (13)
Interpretive dance.

2012-02-27 (14)
Considering his next move.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The property next door belongs to a church. When the tornado came through (and passed by about half a mile from us) last April, several trees on the church property fell down, taking some of our trees with them. There was some cleanup on both sides, but there are several dead trees just kind of hanging out on the edge of our property. Last week I glanced out the window and saw Newt exploring.

2012-02-27 (21)
It’s hard to tell, but he was about fifteen feet up, just kind of checking things out. I see a lot of squirrels run around on those trees, so maybe he was hoping to find a squirrel snack.

2012-02-27 (22)
He looked around for a few minutes, then turned around and came back down, safe and sound.


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2-27-12 — 22 Comments

  1. Da Bird – My girls, sisters – black and white Emma and black Astrid, were given one of these and I just took it out recently. They love it. So much so that Astrid kept climbing up to where I left it and dragged it down again.

    The bad news, I left them alone with it for all of 4 minutes yesterday and Astrid chewed clear through the cord and had half of it in her mouth. Very icky and slimey. Thankfully she didn’t swallow it. So, Da Bird is broken now and it’s all Astrid’s fault!

    • You might be able to retie the feathered bit of da Bird onto the remaining cord. If the remaining cord isn’t long enough, you can always tie somemore on. Believe me, the kitties don’t care if the cord has knots in it!!


      • Yeah, Everett yanked the feathers off ours, too, we just tied it back on. Cats can be brutal. πŸ™‚

  2. Awww Emmy – you are beautiful!

    Hoorah for Sissy Bear Cub!!! Fingers and everything crossed for sweet Lucy! At least she’ll have gorgeous Everett to keep her company. I hope they get adopted asap!! Take care

  3. Not to sound like a broken record, but HOORAY for Emmy eating!! Her hipbones are still sticking out too much. She looks so much more relaxed in these photos. It looks like her extreme fear is gone and it looks more that she’s just keeping an eye on you two!

    I wish Everett the best in his journey. I love the idea of posting photos of him jumping because it really makes him more than “just another black cat”. I’d recommend the series above since I snorted diet cola out of my nose when I saw them! I hope Sally and Lucy get adopted, too. Are there any photos of them jumping you could post on their cages?

    Finally, Newt is in heaven in those shots, isn’t he? That’s perfect hunting terrain for a big ol’ tough cat! Just perfect.

    Here’s hoping Emmy keeps eating and trusting you guys and has the easiest birth ever!

    • Oh, I just hate petting her and feeling her spine and hipbones. She’s eating everything we give her (and she has a bowl of kibble available at all times). I’d report how much weight she’s gained (she’s definitely gained some!), but I haven’t weighed her because she gets freaky when we try to pick her up, so we don’t. Don’t want to stress out the mama. πŸ™‚

  4. Awww, but I’m not ready to say goodbye to Everett Peppers, Jumping Bean Extraordinaire, yet. Good luck and Godspeed, you darling and daring boy. A very lucky household (or two or three) will be gaining house panthers soon… although lately I tend to think my Norman looks more like a bear, or a muppet.

    I am far more interested in Emmy’s health and happiness than in the timing of the kittens, but now that Everett’s moving out… Kittens? Come on, Emmy… whatcha waiting for? My cousin’s birthday is on February 29th, She celebrates on whatever nearby date is convenient every year. Sometimes it turns into a few-days-long party. Maybe those kittens are just thinking about the party possibilities πŸ˜‰

    Newt, Newt, Newt of the jungle, lives a life that’s free… watch out for that tree!!

  5. The highest award in the field of cartoons is the Reuben. I think that would make a great cat name.

  6. Aw man. Everett. I don’t know how you can give up that little love. For that matter, I’m going to miss him like crazy.

    I know that’s part of the gig though. You love ’em and then you let someone else do that for the rest of their lives.

    • I know! It hurts my heart everytime, even though I know this is the way it goes. Whoever adopts Everett is gonna be very lucky.

    • This is the part I hate the most about the fostering experience. I know it’s for the best, but I just wish I could explain to them what’s going on – and that they could understand me!

      • No you don’t! You just wanna keep ’em all. And I totally understand why. πŸ™‚ I’d be a hopeless fosterer. (that’s a real word, right?) Emmy definitely looks more relaxed and that Everett, what a lucky family they will be. Good luck to all the Peppers. May your days at Petsmart be over quickly. I’d adopt me a cross-eyed girl (and her sister…and her brother…) aaww…

  7. Wow, great pictures of mama Emmy!!!

    Re. Everett and Lucy and Sally… sigh πŸ™ Oh, it’s so bittersweet to see them go! Good luck to the three black Peppers — I hope “their people” find them asap!!

  8. Things just won’t be the same without Everett’s flying paws o’ doom.

    Here’s to the three lovely Peppers and finding wonderful forever homes ASAP! As much as I’d love to see them again, I hope none of them have to return to Crooked Acres for a breather.

  9. I think I’m in LURV with Emmy. She looks like a cheetah, the way her eyeliner extends around her snout. I can’t wait to see her babies!
    Regarding Newt- I like to think when cats are outside/inside they like to play “Jungle Kitty” on occasion when outside: sometimes my Lucy looks positively WILD, stalking leaves in the grass, viciously running 3 feet up a tree after a squirrel… she cant make it all the way up the tree, I think she’s afraid of heights… anyway, I love the Jungle Kitty days…

  10. As a friend reminded me years ago, “never saw a tree with a cat’s skeleton in it.’ Meaning, they know *exactly* how to come back down… Glad Newt’s a climber.

    • That’s the truth – but I always worry that they’ll lose their footing and fall! I’m sure he’d be fine even if he did fall, but I’m a worrier by nature. πŸ™‚

  11. Peppers, you have a huge fan club, and I am definitely a member. I’m rooting for all three of you to find homes soonest. Now that Emmy’s relaxing, her true beauty is on full display. You go, Mama! And how lucky is Newt??!?