3-1-20 Weekly Roundup

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Alejandro ponders “Why is that mandarin taking his skin off? Am I in a horror movie?”

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Carmelita has an opinion, and that opinion is “HISS OFF, LADY.”

Pablo’s hanging out in my lap, and Isabella came over to give him a lick. (For those of you who are insisting that Pablo’s gotta be a girl due to his diminutive size, welllllllllllll I took another look and he still looks like a boy to me. 🏐🏐 )

I don’t want to make any hard and fast declarations yet since they aren’t even 2 weeks old yet, but in the vein of “the bigger they are, the harder they baby,” Alejandro seems to be making his play for the title of Da BAYbee.

Good night innernets. (Alejandro in the front, Javier leaning on him; Pablo on the bottom left, Diego on top of him, and Carmelita back there in the back somewhere.)

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Isabella keeps those kittens super duper clean.

“I doesn’t WANNA snuggle, lady!” Poor Pablo. If he doesn’t want snuggles and kisses, he shouldn’t be so darn CUTE.

Good night innernets.

Pablo’s like “What the heck is THAT?” It’s your foot, dude.

I swear, I’m going to start calling this litter Los Blepitos. They – especially Carmelita – just love to get their blep on.

Isabella heard a noise and went on full alert (it was Fred walking by the door.)

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Carmelita la Blepita loves a good belly rub.

They’re 2 weeks old today! This is what they look like currently. As you can see, all the eyes are open and the ears are slowly moving upward. Everyone’s gaining weight nicely (yes, Pablo is still the smallest), and they’re starting to wander to the opening of the crate and looking out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them starting to escape the crate in the next week!⁠
Alejandro currently weighs 12.6 oz (birth weight: 5.1 oz)⁠
Javier is currently 11.7 oz (4.7)⁠
Diego is currently 11.4 oz (4.1)⁠
Pablo is currently 9.5 oz (3.8)⁠
Carmelita is currently 11.1 oz (4.8)

“Hellooooo innernets it is I, Javier. Please tell la barra de leche that I am hungry.”

Good night innernets. (Pablo and Carmelita)

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Diego wants none of this “good morning” nonsense.

Javier has a complaint.⁠

Would you care for a slice of Isabella pie?⁠

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When I made this video, I had no idea that Pablo was back there making his bid to be Da BAYbee. I guess I need to pay better attention!

Is it just me, or does Diego look strikingly like that angry newborn who was born in Rio de Janeiro in mid-February?

Good night innernets. (Alejandro)

Keepin’ Pablo clean.

In case you missed it on the blog this morning, here’s the update on Isabella’s coat (in case you missed it initially, Isabella had bare patches and a lot of scabs when I first got her.) ⁠ She looks great in pics, but in person she’s a lot more threadbare. Since she hadn’t overgroomed and wasn’t pulling fur after I got her and for the first week after the kittens were born, I assumed that flea treatment and decent food fixed the issue. However, earlier this week she began overgrooming and pulling fur out. Basically, we’re wondering if it’s hormonal, so will give her hormones a little time to settle down. If the behavior continues, she’ll be tested for allergies. So she photographs beautifully, but in actuality she looks a little rough. There’ll be updates when there’s more to report.

I was looking for another picture and ran across this one. That’s former foster Dexter (one of our Mainer kittens), back in August 2018, preparing to bite the foot of his foster sibling Moop. The utter glee on Dexter’s face kills me dead.

Regarding the earlier Throw Back Thursday picture of Dexter (August 2018), this is the picture I was looking for, and that is the foster we called Moop. This picture is going up in my bathroom because I love it so. (His actual name was Kennebunk, but Fred nicknamed him Moop and it stuck.)

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“Mama, we is HUNGRY!”

Good night innernets.

Good morning world (Alejandro).

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Toddlers gonna toddle.

I have a little bright-eyed Carmelita in my lap.⁠

As expected: escapee #1 is Alejandro. He toddled out, sniffed around, looked for his Mama, and whined a little when I returned him to the crate… and then he stomped right back out but couldn’t figure out how to get back in. (I’ve put a folded pad in front of the crate so, at least in theory, he can get back into the crate. Mama won’t let him starve or get cold, though.)

I get the distinct impression that Diego (front) and Javier are tired of my shenanigans.

Good night innernets. (Alejandro on the left, Pablo on the right, and I’m not sure whose butt that is in the middle. Probably Carmelita.)

If the milk bar won’t come to Alejandro…

Carmelita stomped out of the crate and flopped onto her back for a belly rub. (Don’t you worry; she got one!)

Diego, Pablo and Javier want none of this “out of the crate” nonsense. They’ll stay IN the crate, if y’don’t mind.

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Alejandro climbed into my lap and fell asleep. SERIOUSLY, these kittens are going to kill me with the cute. (Note: he looks very dark here, but it was just the lighting, or my camera or something. He’s still the same shade of gray he’s been!)

I wish this picture was clearer, but the look on Carmelita’s face as she looks at her Mama… oh, my heart.⁠

Oh, that Javier. He is one good-looking boy!

Good night innernets. (Alejandro)


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  1. That is one seriously photogenic batch of kittehs!!! Their facial expressions are absolutely killing me dead!!!!

  2. I love the pic of Carmelita eying her mom. How did you get such a great pic without having mom obliterate the view?

    I think it’s worthy of a wall hanging or other merch. I’d love a copy of it.