2-28-20 Friday

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That picture of Alejandro looking out of the crate kind of reminds me of Big Head Puff!


Puff (aka Little Big Head) in 2013.

I can totally see that!


OMG, the 2013 entry! How time flies! I remember how I gasped at the first picture of beautiful Kate 🙂 The eyes, SOOOO golden! Have you heard from Kate’s people lately?

Nope, I haven’t heard anything about Kate since shortly after she was adopted.


LOL! I never really thought I would hear you say that Khal is “the sweetest”.

Right?! Now listen, I’m not going to say that Khal has decided that I’m his person – he spends plenty of time in Fred’s lap – but as soon as we start watching TV in the evenings, he comes onto the couch to join me (sometimes just for a few minutes, sometimes for the entire time we’re watching TV.) When Fred goes to bed and I settle in to watch TV on my iPad or read, he flops across my stomach, and if I stop petting him, he meows the very quietest, softest meow as though I’m breaking his heart. For the past week, he has slept at least part of the night pressed right up against me.

Don’t tell anyone, but I think he likes me.

Here’s a video I took recently where he wanted to hop onto the bed, but the pillow was apparently in his way. (You’ll hear me call him “Floompers” at the beginning, since his nickname is “Floomp”, “Floompies” and “Floompers.”)

YouTube link


If Alejandro and Pablo are tabbies, when will the markings become prominent? your experience?

Oh lord, I don’t know – by 6 weeks or so? I do expect the stripes and spots to be more obvious than they are now, though I am often wrong in my predictions.


Is Isabella more snuggly than other moms you’ve had? It’s so awful I can’t remember these little details, but great I get to be refreshed a few times a year.

She’s not necessarily more snuggly, but she is the first one who has been willing to actually lie on top of me and snooze (at least she was willing to do that before the kittens were born – these days she mostly comes over for petting and a kiss or two, then goes off to sharpen her claws or check on the kittens, etc.) Most of the mamas (except Emmy and Kristi & Katia) were super friendly, loved to be petted and would hang out next to me. That super friendliness dies off quite a bit once the kittens are born, since they have so much more to focus on.


How are the permanent residents doing with yet another batch of kittens?

They’re fine – since Isabella is confined to the foster room, they have the run of the rest of the house. They’re a little bummed that they can’t hang out in that room any more, but they’re dealing with it pretty well. They’ve all been through the whole routine multiple times, so they’re used to having fosters.


Thinking about Little Gray’s tail tip reminds me of one of ours with a similar “condition”: once, when she was a kitten, she tried to pull off the bit of “fluff” “stuck” on the end of her tail and wound up learning how attached it actually was (didn’t make the mistake twice, afaik). That leads me to wondering whether the mamas ever try to remove the dabs of polish? (I know that growth and normal grooming will lead to you having to refresh the polish dabs as they grow, eventually to be replaced by collars.)

The mamas tend to leave the polish alone (I think they either don’t clean the kittens’ ear tips that much, or they don’t like the taste), but I did walk in once to find a kitten with a bare spot where the polish had been, and a little tuft of fur on the floor… I didn’t bother to reapply the polish, since then I could identify the kitten by his little bald ear tip (which eventually grew back, of course, but by then they were old enough for collars.)



Pablo sleeps like an angel on his bed of kittens.

As does Diego.


Javier has a skeptical.

Pablo and Alejandro. No doubt who’s the biggest and who’s the smallest there.

Line ’em up! (Left to right: Javier, Pablo, Carmelita, Alejandro & Diego)

“Watching you, lady.” That Alejandro’s always got his eye on me.

Gee, I wonder who’ll be the first crate escapee? (He leaned out like this for the longest time, then retreated.)

Little tough guys.


Alice Mo, getting hiiigh off the catnip toy. Which always leads to…

Hugging her leg. (Yes, the fur on her lower belly is sparse. No, it’s not from overgrooming – she had surgery six years ago, and the fur just never grew back as thick as the rest of her fur.)

YouTube link


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    • Meeeee tooooo! 😀 It’s already well documented that I love the marvelously floofy shy kitty of sweetness.

  1. I was going to say how that Cuties box has seen better days, but no. Looking at what comes with the box, I’ll revise that statement and say that citrus fruit has never looked so delish.

    Think those little tough guys are going to break into a song and dance routine? Like Grease or West Side Story.

    A girl can dream.

  2. Love Alice’s soft, pink tummy. Makes we want to bury my face and kiss and blow farts into it. “Blow farts” doesn’t sound very lady-like but I don’t know how to say it more graciously. What a precious girl!

    Khal is my main squeeze. He looks good no matter what, with a heart of gold.