2-28-19 Thursday

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The kittens turned 2 weeks old yesterday, and here’s how they look now, next to how they looked the day they were born.





Willie. (Willie’s “You woke me up for THIS?” expression is cracking me up. Because I did, indeed, wake him up!)

Here’s a collage of the complainers.

Mary, Laura, Albert and Almanzo. Know who wasn’t interested in complaining? Willie. He’s one chill little guy.

I hadn’t intended to hold the kittens up for their progress pictures this week because they’re getting heavy and flaily and complainy. (Yes, I am aware that it looks like I’m squishing them. I’m not, and you’re going to have to trust me that they’re not complaining about being squished. They’re complaining about being picked up.) However, looking up and straight into the camera is not a skill they’ve mastered yet.

(It’s not a skill they’ll ever master.)

Albert would not look at the camera.

Almanzo would not lift up his head.

Mary refused to look at the camera.

This would have been a great progress picture of Albert, but I’d already put the collages together, so maybe he’ll do it again next week. (He probably won’t.) PS: Albert would like you to notice that both of his eyes are finally open.

Using the big basket to corral the kittens.

Somehow, all 5 of them still fit at the milk bar at the same time.

Charles, hanging out outside the big crate. This is why I move the kittens back to the little crate at bed time – she doesn’t mind having him there during the day, but as it gets dark, having him there makes her nervous. I tried covering the crate with a towel, but then she could hear him and not see him, and that wasn’t any better. For now I’ll move them to the big crate for the day and back at night. At some point she’ll either decide the big crate is okay, or the kittens will start wandering out on their own. Generally, once kittens figure out how to escape a crate, they tend not to go back.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Albert, Mary, Laura, Willie and Almanzo (acting as Willie’s pillow.)

They were wrasslin’ (she started it!) and I love that you can see his face in that mirror.


Archie’s not sure how to react to THREE sunny days in a row. (Don’t get used to it, Archie. Rumor has it that March will be coming in like a lion.)


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2-28-19 Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. Almanzo has got the Eeyore thing going on. Poor little guy, we know you have a rough life.

  2. They are all sooooo adorable! Cannot wait for tumbling toddlers that seem to trip over their own bellies! Can. Not. Wait. But I will.. I promise!!!

  3. Isn’t it funny how they all seem to have the same facial expression they had in their newborn pictures

  4. Their personalities have not changed at all. Kind of funny, since we are who we are and it shows up so early !!

  5. These kittens are the most adorable little creatures! Thank you for sharing them with us!