2-27-19 Wednesday

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Can you believe the kittens are TWO WEEKS OLD now? There’ll be update pictures of each of them tomorrow. They’re now at the stage where they’re aware that there’s a world out there. Now that all their eyes are open (or mostly open), the hissing has stopped, which I’ll kinda miss (though of course we have the sideways skittering to look forward to!)

That’s Laura on top of the pile, yawning and stretching.

Mary takes a look at the world beyond the carrier.

Yesterday I decided that I’d try moving the kittens to the big crate again. Last time I did it, Caroline moved them all back to the carrier and gave me a dirty look and made me feel bad. But that carrier is so SMALL with that growing litter taking up all that room. So I moved them all to the big red crate, left the carrier under the built-in desk in case she wanted to move them back, and then set up a SECOND big crate. At night, Caroline has spent roughly 1/3 of her time with the kittens, 1/3 of her time hanging out on her own, and 1/3 of her time snuggled up with Charles in the big crate (which I’d been referring to as “the honeymoon suite.”) I thought they might like to continue snuggling up in a big crate, so if they want to, it’s there.

This is what the setup looks like for now.

Red crate on the left containing the kittens, green crate is the “honeymoon suite” (note that Charles is checking it out) and the carrier the kittens had been in is on the right.

Charles approved of the new setup.

Caroline wasn’t sure what she thought, though she didn’t move the kittens back.

Then she pushed the blankets away from the back of the crate and flopped down.

Albert decided it was time to open his eyes. (He does have all 4 legs, his front left leg is kind of tucked back a little.)

Mary is learning the art of taking a bath. She’s such a smart girl.

Almanzo takes a look at the world beyond the crate…

And finds it lacking.

Ma and Pa have a snuggle.

Edited to add: Caroline started acting kind of freaked out that Charles could sit next to the crate and look through at Caroline nursing the kittens, so I ended up moving them back to the small carrier before bed last night. I may move them to the big crate later this morning if Caroline doesn’t mind, or I may leave them where they are and let her move them if she wants to. I should probably just leave them and stop worrying about how much room they (don’t) have, but I think we all know me better than that.


Alice Mo, such a hussy.

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2-27-19 Wednesday — 15 Comments

  1. How you ever leave that room is beyond me. I’d be installing a port-a-potty and a hot plate when they’re this age, because damn they are cute little poufs.

    (Speaking of poufs, Alice Mo’s reflection in the window makes it look like there is another super fluffy cat emerging from the cat-house in the back yard.)

  2. Cue the advice deluge of musical crates! As for me, I wonder whether it’s the snug under-the-table location location location that’s appealing, and having the bigger red crate under the table would make Caroline feel more secure, and/or have the small crate or something else (a towel draped, or – I know! a thin, light mirror) over/against the exposed side window.

    • She didn’t like having a towel over the crate because then she could hear him and not see him. She seemed fine during the day, but as night approached she was more nervous. Maybe because that’s when predators are on the prowl when they’re in “the wild”?

  3. On a whole ‘nother topic, I’m kind of shocked, shocked I tell you, that there isn’t an Excel spreadsheet in the sidebar charting each permie’s reaction to the auto-tuned cat video. I especially wonder about Archie…

  4. Alice Mo says draw me like one of your French girls. Almonzo’s little complaint after seeing outside the crate is just pitiful.

    • Part of the reason I thought she might like the bigger crate is because it’s harder for the kittens to wander out of the crate accidentally. JUST TRYING TO HELP, CAROLINE. (She doesn’t appreciate me.)

  5. Alice’s nakey belleh….normal for her or allergies? I had a calico like that…food allergies. Figured out the culprit and then all the fur grew back.

  6. Hmmm I wonder if you took the top off the crate if Caroline would feel better bc there’s “more” room or like it less because they are more exposed and move them on her own.

  7. How about you put the red crate sideways with the mesh window against the wall and scoot the green crate under the desk? Or – just let them figure it out themselves.