3-10-21 Wednesday

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Back in the Cuties box, time to change out the crate pad for a clean one. They’re really filling up that box now.

Getting comfort from Mama. I love how Fizzbin’s sitting there like “Mama? I can get my bath next?”


“That’s right,” says Slapjack. “I got two wide-open eyeballs. You got a problem with that?”

“You need something? Feeding the babies!”

That looks a little more comfy.

Still no peepers on Uno.

Pile o’ cute.

Look at Fizzbin in the middle of that cuddle puddle, looking like she’s not peeking up at me.

I’ve been picking up the kittens and holding them like this more and more often, and I put them back in the crate if they start fussing. Pinochle and Fizzbin handle it well, sniff me for a little while and then start crying for mama. Uno and Whist and Slapjack get screamy pretty quickly. Rummy can go either way, depending on her mood, I guess.


Yeah, sure, it LOOKS like Archie (on the pillow) and Charlie are snuggling. But what’s actually happening is that Charlie gets all up in Archie’s space, Archie gets annoyed after a few minutes and then stomps off, and then Charlie takes over that pillow.

Charlie looking pleased with his brilliant plan. Archie looking like he’d like to smack Charlie.


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