3-5-21 Friday

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I thought I saw one of the brown/white tabby with a white tail light in an earlier pic?

Yep, Pinochle has a tail light, and so do Uno and Rummy. One of these days I need to get pictures of each kitten from all angles so y’all can see all their cool little markings!


I was reading back a bit, and 2 years ago you printed a long letter from me about Tiny & Bailey, so I thought I’d bring you up to date. Tiny (Goober) is just over 10 lbs and Bailey (Bubba) is almost 14.5. I still have to stand by while Tiny eats on the counter to make sure Bailey doesn’t jump up and snarf all the food. (Also if I leave, Tiny will get distracted from eating and jump off the counter to wander around.) They both sleep with me. Tiny gets between the sheets, and Baily just goes under the top quilt. Bailey likes to eat unprotected baked goods (notably cheesecake and brownies), and I recently caught Tiny going after the green beans on my dinner plate when I made the mistake of leaving the room for a moment. So they’re both typically weird cats and I love them dearly.

Oh, I love it! Thanks for the update, Carolyn!


Dumb question: what does a cat contraction look like and how do you know when it’s happening? You may have told us in the past but I don’t remember (no surprise there).

Not a dumb question, and I don’t think I’ve described it before – it’s kind of like a really big all-over muscle spasm. It’s hard to describe – but when you see it, you know what it is! (I know, that’s not helpful.)


How do you keep track of which one of the kittens was born first, etc.?

I took a face pic of each kitten as it was born, and jotted down notes. Then I had to go back and match the pictures with my notes and the pictures from when they were born. I’m nearly positive I got it right! (And I’m lucky she didn’t have a litter of all-black kittens, I suppose!)


Am I the only one thinking that 1&3 and 2&4 have the same hairline but with different colors?

I can definitely see that!


Rummy and Whist think Pinochle makes an excellent pillow.

Pile o’ cute (Fizzbin on top.)

Belly up to the milkbar, kids.

Here’s another shot of the three brown tabby and white kittens in a row. Left to right: Whist, Fizzbin and Pinochle.

Slapjack using Whist as a pillow.

Slapjack from the side.

And Uno using Fizzbin as a pillow.

Please note that the black on Slapjack’s head is in the shape of a heart. (It’s upside-down here.)

Uno’s a handful. (Please note Canasta in the background playing.)

“Why you kittens in this box? You don’t belong in this box!”

“Gonna give that lady a piece of my mind, keep piling kittens in a box, the crate pad wasn’t THAT dirty, grr…”

“Don’t make me come over there, lady.”


Two sunny days in a row! Archie approves.


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