3-5-19 Tuesday

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Almanzo’s giving me the stink eye.

Lined up at the milk bar.

Albert makes a fine pillow.

More milk bar action. That’s Almanzo at the top of the picture, stomping over.

Almanzo’s the king of the pile.

Mary comparing her paw to Caroline’s.

Willie’s milk drunk.

Albert’s all “I sees you, lady.”

Sleepy Mary.

Laura’s keeping an eye on me.

“Still watching you, lady.” (Albert)

“Hey! What’re you doing? You said you’d help me potty the babies!”


It’s a rough life, Alice Mo.

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3-5-19 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. I think they’re all milk-drunk in those shots! LOL

    Well, Laura is Little Miss Bright-Eyes over there, but the rest of them look like they’re about 2 1/2 strikes.

  2. We are “bad” people, violating the rights of our children. There was an NPR story this morning about people posting every detail of the lives of their children before they are old enough to know about it and then continuing to post details even after the children are old enough to protest. Robyn started it by documenting the birth of Nola’s kittens and I have continue the intrusion by documenting every cute moment in Andre and Bella’s lives. Even Jessica is now caught up in invasion of her life! Guess I should stop posting (even though you would have seen a really cute picture of all three babies on their climbing pole this morning if the sun had not been in the wrong place to get a nice picture,)
    When did we become a society that is offended by EVERYTHING!

    OK, enough for my morning rant. These little babies are SO CUTE! I just love their little ears at this stage. If they could only just stay that size and cute. I just want to bury myself in the pile of cute.

    • Because outrage gets people to pay attention to them.

      That said – oversharing online can sometimes attract unwanted attention in the form of criminals, so some prudence is called for. Also, if a kid is old enough to ask you not to share, and they do so, it’s disrespectful to them to share anyway. *shrug* The word “bad” is really strong for that, though, and it probably means that someone is yelling “look at meeeeeee”.

    • At least with pet parents we don’t get the vaccination opponents. We know that our fur babies will get sick and infect others, if we don’t vaccinate them. That is my pet peeve.