3-6-19 Wednesday

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The babies are 3 weeks old today! They’re starting to look like real miniature cats instead of shapeless blobs of cute.

First, a picture of the milk bar with the kittens lined up (and one behind Caroline) when they were newborns.

And yesterday:

I’d say they’ve grown a tiny bit!





And Willie.

Yes, they’re spending a LOT of time looking out from the crate. They’ve made a few moves trying to get over the barrier, but haven’t quite made it just yet. It’s just a matter of time. Once they start coming out of the crate regularly, I’ll set up their little litter boxes, and how is it possible that it’s nearly that time already? They’re growing up SO FAST.

Almanzo shows off his delightful belly.

Sleepy Laura snuggled up to her Almanzo.

Almanzo (left) and Laura.

Pa keeps an eye on the kids.

Albert poking himself in the eye and showing off that belly.

Caroline’s fur is exactly as silky-soft and glossy as it looks in pictures.


Archie, keeping an eye on the birds.


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3-6-19 Wednesday — 5 Comments

  1. What! 3 weeks already?! They still look like little bear cubs though.

    Do Laura and Almanzo know what an adorable couple they are?

  2. Looks like Pa got babysitting duties!

    That last picture of Albert absolutely slays me.

  3. I just love the picture of Charles in the crate with the kittens. I want them ALL!!! Do you think Jessica would notice if I added the entire family to ours? Andre and Bella would just think that they had new play toys. After all, they have so few toys to play with now.