3-7-19 Thursday

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The kittens turned 3 weeks old yesterday, and here they are – the first pictures are from the day they were born and the second are from yesterday.






And here are all their 3 week old pictures in one collage. (This would be better if they’d all been looking at the camera, but what can you do?)

Everyone bellied up to the milk bar. From left: Willie, Albert, Almanzo, Mary and Laura.

Charles coming over to see what was going on.

Almanzo is da BAYbee (or at least one of them.)

I supplement-fed Mary yesterday morning, and when I went back in the afternoon, she saw me, crawled out of the crate, and climbed up into my lap. She is one smart cookie. Then I put her back in the crate, and she came right back out to do a little exploring.

She went under the ham-mick and sat there having a think.

Then she dozed off while Charles kept watch.

Want to see something awfully cute?

Charles, keepin’ his babies company.

Want to see something even cuter?

Parenting, the pioneer way.

You want to see some of the actual video footage those screenshots came from? Here you go! I hope you can handle the cute.

YouTube link


Dewey thinks the cold weather we’ve had lately is for the birds.


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3-7-19 Thursday — 19 Comments

  1. What an adorable family!!! I used to think I had a thing for tuxies… then gingers… but after seeing these babies and this family, I have definitely developed a thing for tabbies!!! And then, to reinforce this, you close the post with a pic of the adorable Dewey…. Ohhhhh my, confirming my tabby love…. Happy Friday eve, y’all!

  2. That is an incredible video!!! Also. dead! From the sugar sweetness!! Did giggle at Charles blocking the route a couple times to his non-milk bar…. hehe

  3. I’m really enjoying having a dad-cat as a member of this foster group. It’s fun seeing Charles interact with Caroline and their babies. I wonder if his reactions are pretty standard, or if he’s the exception.

    Either way, this sweet little family is very endearing!

  4. Is Mary underweight? Are you feeding them all on the side like an indulging grandma?

  5. Move over Dora for Mary the explorer!

    Do you supplement feed all the kittens, or just Mary? She does seem smaller than the others.

  6. Mary climbed into your lap? Did you die of cute then and there? Because I sure would have. You’d have had to scrape a puddle of cooing goo off the floor.

  7. I love how they look right now with their little ears just starting to stand up. The picture of Mary sitting under the hammock is just TOO cute! I’d love to have her climb up onto my lap.

  8. So, yeah, this post needs to go into the favorites list. Everything about it is just too damn adorable.

    I’d like to know how I’m supposed to go back to work after watching that video. Hmmm?

  9. I’m curious how you were able to tell them apart when they were all bellied up to the milk bar. Is it getting any easier to tell them apart as they get older?

    • I can see the color on Almanzo’s ear and the white feet on Laura. Mary and Laura are nearly always next to each other at the milk bar, so I guessed that was her, which left Willie and Albert at the other end, and Willie is darker than Albert. 🙂 At this point, I can tell Laura by her white feet (if I only had her face to go by, I don’t think I could) and Willie by his face. Otherwise, I am still totally lost!

      • I actually see more. There are three ticked tabbies in the bunch – Willie, Mary, and Laura, and of them, Laura’s the lightest. Albert and Almanzo have stripey backs, and Almanzo is lighter than Albert. I need more to tell Willie from Mary in this.

  10. Oh my…just to awesome….. thank you Robyn and Fred. We will not have a litter again because we got everyone fixed thru TNR? I have one kitten we need to catch and fix.
    ❤️ Y’all