3-8-19 Friday

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Do you supplement feed all the kittens, or just Mary? She does seem smaller than the others.


Is Mary underweight? Are you feeding them all on the side like an indulging grandma?

Well, it started out last week (I think it was last week) when I found that instead of gaining a little weight from one day to the next, Albert lost a tiny bit. I supplement fed him for a couple of days, and that was all that was needed to get him gaining again. Earlier this week, Mary lost a little bit (0.1 ounce) between Tuesday and Wednesday, so I offered her the bottle and she thought it was the BEST. THING. EVER. She’s still feeding at the milk bar occasionally, but when I bring that bottle into the room, she is ALL ABOUT latching on and sucking some down. Yesterday I decided I might as well offer the bottle to the other kittens, and none of them were much interested except Willie, who was all “WHAT IS THIS AND WHY YOU BEEN HIDIN’ IT FROM ME?!”

Caroline finds the whole bottle-feeding thing I’m doing very odd, but doesn’t seem to have any objections.


Mary’s all “Psst! You got that bottle for me, or what?”

Willie seems interested in what’s going on outside the crate.

“Mama, Mama, Mama, NO. I don’t need no bath!”

Oh, those blue eyes. I love them so!

Mary always looks very amused by herself.

Face-cleaning time.

Post-bottle Mary.


Willie on the move (and Laura back there, kicking someone’s butt).

Post-potty Willie. He looks like he’s seen the face of God.

Pardon the blurry picture, but Willie’s face is cracking me up.

Sleepy Laura and Almanzo.

Lunch is served for the grownups.

He is just such a lovable lunk.


If Alice isn’t hanging out on Fred’s desk, Frankie is. They time-share that bed.


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3-8-19 Friday — 6 Comments

  1. ^ I totally agree, GD, me too! All that stripey deliciousness is almost too much to handle, lol. I have a small female classic tabby, she has swirls on her sides and stripes on her legs, and she ALWAYS sits so the stripes are perfectly aligned. It’s freaking adorable

  2. Ears a’sproingin’! It’s funny how they seem so big now and yet they are really still so tiny.

  3. The ‘zzzz’ photo of Mary is too much cute in one dose. I think I need to go lie down if I’m to have any hope of recovery.

  4. “Post-potty Willie. He looks like he’s seen the face of God.”

    Damn that’s funny.

    My Friday has just gotten that much better reading through this post! (And Mary zzzzzz’ing is going on my work desktop.)

    So, I was thinking this morning. Which of the Permies would be best suited to take on the role of Mr. Edwards? Oooo, JAKEY!!!!!