3-8-18 Thursday

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Katarina goes wanderin’. Please note that Katia isn’t looking at her kitten, she’s looking at ME. She knows I’m dying to snatch up that kitten.


Katarina suddenly realized she was more than an inch from her mother and started peeping. Note that Katia? Still looking at me. She’s no dummy.


Those legs in the air!

Jayne Torvill, flopped across her brother. Katia, watching me.

You can see from that face that she’s about tired of my nonsense.

Oksana considers her next move.

Apparently flopping down for a nap was the move she decided on.

Katia is getting more relaxed around me – sometimes I could swear she wants me to pet her, but the instant I reach to do so, she hisses, growls, and smacks. I’ve gotten video of her “talking” to me, which is adorable, and last night she got as close as she’s ever gotten to me (laying down with her head about six inches from the mouth of the crate.) I have yet to touch her and have only touched her kittens during the two super-fast picture-taking-and-bedding-changeout sessions we’ve had. The kittens are finally starting to do a little wandering around the crate, so I’m hoping I can sneak in a little petting here and there. Once all four of those kittens are on the move surely she’ll be distracted, right?

Oh, that belly.

Oh, that face!

No kittens, but you know the drill – when she has ’em, I’ll let y’all know ASAP.


It’s a Jake in the Jake Cave, doin’ the Jake thing, loonily.


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3-8-18 Thursday — 11 Comments

  1. I know it is all about perspective, but are the kittens that big already, or is Katia tiny herself?

    And Kristi’s belly seems to have grown in the past two days!

  2. Katia is soooo pretty. I would want to pet her sooooo bad. At the shelter, we tied a soft brush to the end of a long stick. That is how we start “touching”. It does work….but takes some time.

  3. Forgive me if you already mentioned this but what is going to happen to Katarina when her babies are grown? She seems pretty feral so are they going to neuter and release or and are you going to try to domesticate her? And if you do release where would she go?

  4. Does Katia always go to that same corner when she enters the crate? I guess it puts her in a better position to keep her eyes on you!

  5. How did Jake get the “Loony” handle? You need to write a book about all the permanent residents and their backstory. You could title it “The Other Incredible Journey (so far):From Crooked Acres to Shady Cove

  6. Those little legs in the air are to die for. Reaching in for a touch would almost be worth getting mauled by Katia… It must be killing you.

  7. Kristi looks like she’s ready to explode! Certainly those kittens should be coming any moment! I love Katia and her stubborn streak! Let’s hope your assault on her softens her heart. How scary it must be to trust when you don’t know how.