3-7-18 Wednesday

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I walked into the foster room yesterday to find that Kristi had moved from the box back to her favorite spot in front of the window.

“You gonna come over here and pet me?”

She is just so PRETTY.

So, I don’t know. I’m done making predictions. She’ll have ’em when she has ’em. Maybe she’s hanging on ’til St. Patrick’s Day. Hey, it’s only a week and a half away!

Look at those chunky little muffins.

Oksana’s belly. You better believe it killed me not to pet that girl!

“Hi, Mama!”

Katarina’s all pawsed-up, y’all.

Their eyes should be plinking open any time now.

Big babies.


Sheriff Mama (Kara), keeping an eye on the inside from outside.


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3-7-18 Wednesday — 26 Comments

  1. It seems like they’ve doubled up in size already! Little pudding cups… Are you able to tell which little tush belongs to who (whom?)?

    Kristi is looking rather…full. I has to be any day.

  2. I am really glad so many people also love Jayne and Chris. I used to live not far from their home city of Nottingham and I even went skating at there home ice rink once. I can remember when they were bright new prospects, and followed all their performances. I stayed up all night at least once! They now have a celebrity skating show and were on the tv as experts during the recent Olympics.

  3. I’m sure that organized Robyn would be able to answer this question lickety split. I will of course forgive regular Robyn if she doesn’t know the answer, but here’s the question: Is there a date or week that your momma cats have typically given birth? Ya know like a frequency chart. When have others given birth?

    • This is an excellent question, and I should be able to come up with an answer by Friday’s post! 🙂

  4. Sheriff Mama seems to be moving back into law-enforcement mode — such an adorable girl!

  5. So, I’ve been wondering, since Katia had those cute little muffins has she ever laid on her other side? LOL She’s always on her right side leaning against her shelter. I know, silly thought but I can’t help it, I’ve thought it every day now.

    • That’s a pretty interesting question, and now that you’ve asked, I realize I have literally NEVER seen her laying on her other side!

  6. Maybe Kristi will have her kittens the same day I have my baby. You know, since she missed my birthday and all. 🙂 I’m due next Tuesday! Of course, it’s my first baby so who knows… it might be St. Patrick’s Day for me, too!

    • Fingers crossed for a quick and easy delivery – and you’ll probably have it easier than Kristi, since (we assume 😉 ) you’ll just be having the one rather than 5 or 6!

  7. “Look but don’t touch!” I don’t think I would do well with those rules. I am sure I would be a bloody mess…..but oooohhhh so worth it! LOL

  8. LOVE starting my day w/L&H!!! Thank you, Robyn! Come on, Kristi!!!

    BTW, I follow several cat/kitten rescues on FB and receive friend requests from other followers, so I’m not always instantly familiar with the name. However, I recently received a friend request from Robin Dean Minks, a single male who lives in Syria, VA, but is from Miami, FL… In working with Facebook, this was determined to be a fake account, and a quick google search also shows it as a scam. If you have also received a friend request from “Robin Dean Minks” (as I don’t know where it came from), please report the account to Facebook and block. To do that, click on his profile and there will be (…) in the upper left of the page. Click that, and a drop down menu will appear with several choices. Choose Report and also choose Block.

    I don’t know the intentions if I would have accepted the friend request – I don’t know what one does with someone else’s facebook information… I don’t want to know!

    Just putting it out there. Be careful – it’s not all fluffy kittens and unicorns out there!!!!

    Sorry to hijack your blog, Robyn. Feel free to delete. Let the kitten havin’ and raisin’ commence!

  9. I’m not sure I wouldn’t risk losing my hand… those bellies! Those itty bitty feet! Must.. touch… lol!
    Is she calming down at all? I see her give you eyes of love, or at least non-hatred, can you touch her yet?

  10. Not to be a weirdo, but I thing I see some nippular action (what IS the correct adjective for the appearance of enhanced nipples on a pregnant feline?) going on in the first picture of Kristi. Fingers crossed she doesn’t wait until St. Paddy’s Day.

    • Fred has informed me that Kristi has the biggest nipples he’s ever seen on a pregnant cat. I’m guessing that at the age of 7 she’s had a lot of litters and maybe they haven’t snapped back! 🙂