3-4-21 Thursday

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I took pics of the kittens yesterday (at 5 days old) and weighed them. (I’ll do it again Friday when they’re 1 week old.)

I’ll get their weight chart added to their page in the next few days, but suffice it to say that between the 6 of them, they gained 13.4 ounces in 4 days. And Canasta lost 12 ounces in that same time frame (this is normal – she’s eating 6-8 cans of canned food every day (and I would feed her more if she’d eat it) – but those kittens are taking a lot out of her. Luckily she had some extra weight added on while she made us wait for the kittens, so she’s got some weight to draw from. She’ll eventually end up super skinny, Mamas always do, but maybe she won’t be quite as thin as the others have been.)

Uno’s outtake from picture time. She was crying, but looks here like something struck her as funny.

I couldn’t help it, I had to pick up Whist and hold her for a few moments.

Which earned me this look from Canasta.

Uno (left) and Fizzbin would like you to know that Whist makes an excellent pillow.

Also a comfy pillow: Mama’s paw.

Mama takes a bath.

There goes that leg in the air.

Fizzbin uses Mama’s paw as a pillow again.

“Okay lady, you go ‘way now.”

One quick snuggle with Rummy.


Alice has ZERO complaints about the lovely sunny day we had yesterday.

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